9 Incredibly Useful Mental Life Hacks

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The concept of a life hack has been around for centuries… here are 9 incredibly useful mental life hacks!

1. When a group of people breaks into laughter, people will instinctively look at the person or people they want to feel closest to.

If you want to know if someone in the group finds you interesting or perhaps attractive, look to see if they laugh in your direction. It could be the hint you’re looking for.

2. Check out the direction a person’s feet are when they’re talking to you. If their feet are pointed toward you, they’re listening intently to what you have to say.

If they’re pointed in another direction, they’re likely wanting to walk away from you.

3. When you’re on a first date, try taking them somewhere exciting like a theme park. They’ll associate memories of you with feeling thrilled.

4. When you meet someone, take note of their eye color when you’re first speaking with them.

People will like you more because you’re intently looking them in their eyes instead of elsewhere. Even slightly increased eye contact betters your chances.

5. If you work in customer service, like as a clerk, put a large mirror behind you.

If customers are able to see themselves in the reflection in the mirror, they are more likely to treat you with respect.

6. Be confident. Most people can’t tell the difference between someone who’s a genius and someone who’s simply confident.

Look like you know what you’re doing and people will rally around you.

7. If you find yourself in a group meeting and you know for a fact you’re going to get chewed, out, sit next to the person who plans to do the chewing.

By doing so, you in a way separate them from the pack and make them feel isolated. It might mitigate some of their aggression.

8. If you make yourself extremely happy when you see someone, they’ll be much more likely to be extremely happy the next time they see you.

Dogs do this to us all the time.

9. Before a job interview, imagine yourself as being old pals with your interviewers.

That puts you in a better, more comfortable position. You’re more likely to take charge and your comfort will be noticed.

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