After You Read This, You’ll Never Throw Away These Little Bags Again!

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We usually throw them away, but you may want to stop after you see all the different uses for them.

1. Make razors last longer.

That’s right, instead of placing your razor on the bath tub or sink, put it back in the plastic container with a couple silica gel packets. They’ll last longer that way.

2. Save a water-logged phone.

It sucks dropping your cell phone in the toilet or accidentally washing it, but these things happen. Accidents happen.

These gel packets are here to help you out. Forget the jar full of rice. Fill a jar with these packets and plop your phone in.

3. Keep them in your gym bag.

The purpose of the silica gel packet is to remove moisture, and one place moisture loves to build up is in your sweaty gym bag.

This leaves a perfect environment for nasty, smelly bacteria to grow. The packets will help reduce moisture.

4. Protect old photos.

Photos will naturally deteriorate over time which is never ideal as they hold the key to many of our memories.

If you put these packets in with your photos, they won’t be as prone to decay due to a lack of dampness.

5. Keep your car windows de-fogged.

By keeping a handful on your dashboard, the packets will prevent your car windows from getting fogged up. This is great for the Pacific Northwest!

6. Leave them between your towels.

This helps reduce dampness and keep them from getting moldy and smelly.

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