Using Past Life Regression, One Man Witnessed The Coming Shift To A ‘New Earth’

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Past life regression is a rather mysterious practice in which people are able to get in true touch with their soul and see what lives it has lived before. The phenomenon has been seen in people across the world, who have claimed to witness what eras their spirit survived through, people they once loved, and world-changing events they experienced.

Some even claim to have seen lives beyond our own planet, existing as aliens or otherworldly beings that we cannot even begin to fathom today. One man in particular shared his past life as a creature of light, and how the steps of human evolution he once witnessed are in motion again, this time on a ‘new Earth’.

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Do You Know Your Past Lives?

If you said “no” then thats okay—most people don’t! It’s not knowledge we’re inherently born with. Since not everyone believes in reincarnation to begin with, it means learning about one’s past lives isn’t an opportunity many people get.

A scattered stack of black and white printed photos.
Pexels / Suzy Hazelwood
Pexels / Suzy Hazelwood

There are plenty of stories of people who have, though. Children as young as two-years-old all the way up to people in their 80s have shared the visions of previous cycles their soul has lived through, and they’ve done it with stunning detail.

How Do People Acess Them?

If these visions of a past life don’t appear to someone naturally, they can potentially be unlocked via hypnosis. There are hypnotherapists who offer the service for those wanting to try and get in touch with their higher consciousness. A higher consciousness connects the soul that has been a person’s “throughline” in all the iterations of the self.

A person with their eyes closed, their head being grabbed by someone standing behind them.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

One of these hypnotherapists is Alba Weinman. She documents her sessions on YouTube and shares many of her clients’ journeys through their past lives, and one session in particular stood out.

One Man’s Journey Stands Out

One man named Gary left Weinman more surprised that ever. As Weinman writes in the description of her video, “In this hypnosis session the client receives an important message about the ‘New’ earth. We are awakening and evolving and need to be [prepared] for what’s ahead.”

Gary laying his head on a pillow, eyes closed and mouth slightly agape.
YouTube / Alba Weinman
YouTube / Alba Weinman

During the nearly two-hour-long video, Gary vividly describes what he’s seeing throughout this journey into one of his past lives. Keep reading to see what Gary described.

Gary Said He Was A Being Of Light

In the first portion of his session, Gary describes himself as endless white light, a creature of pure energy who can see Earth and all of its auras.

A silhouette of a hand in the middle of a multicolored beam of light.
Unsplash / Elia Pellegrini
Unsplash / Elia Pellegrini

Gary then goes on to say he’s with many other people who have all arrived to experience the evolution of humanity. He explains that Earth was not our original home but rather an experiment to see “how far from the light” our species could survive.

He Talks About A ‘New’ Earth

Though people evolved to live on Earth, Gary claims there is a ‘new’ Earth people can choose to continue evolving on. “[…] a veil is lifted and you decide which Earth you shift focus to. Many will fear and not notice. Some will feel like they go insane. And some recognize the new Earth for what it is and evolve there.”

A glowing blue image of our earth from space.
Unsplash / Javier Miranda
Unsplash / Javier Miranda

Past Lives Are Happening Simultaneously

Gary says anyone can “incarnate in a past life” as they are all happening parallel to one another in different planes, rather than one after the other in a linear timeline. He explains that the driving force of this evolution is love, and that “mutually beneficial love towards all things” is all we need to take this step forward in our consciousness.

Two women in white dresses, one with black wings and one with white wings, reaching out towards one another in a field.
Pexels / YI REN
Pexels / YI REN

He also speaks of the lifting of the veil, an event that will supposedly “bond mankind again.”

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Will Everyone Be Able To Go To New Earth?

Gary explained that every soul will be able to choose to continue evolving, but only if they’re able to resonate with their higher selves. For those who don’t, they may face some struggles, as the Earth will begin “cleansing” itself ahead of the shift.

An orb of soft yellow light.
Pexels / 祝 鹤槐
Pexels / 祝 鹤槐

He describes fish “being spilled out onto land” and cites the constellations, claiming the Age of Aquarius will overflow.

What Could Stop Someone From Reaching Their Higher Selves?

There are many mortal pitfalls people fall into that would keep their souls bound to this plane. Gary lists “Earthly addictions”, struggling against one’s ego, and fear ruling peoples’ lives as reasons they cannot get in touch with their subconscious.

Someone resting their arm on their knee in a standard meditation post, wearing a long beaded bracelet.
Unsplash / Ksenia Makagonova
Unsplash / Ksenia Makagonova

To help with this, he encourages meditation and the removal of fear from one’s life to “prepare” for this lifting of the veil.

Gary Found His Session Enlightening

At the end of the video, once Gary returns to his mortal form, he speaks about his experience. “[…] if everybody had an experience like this where they actually get in touch with their higher self or they some sort of communication with the other side in any way, shape or form, it is a life-changing event […].”

A silver pocketwatch in focus in the foreground, with a brown leather chair out of focus in the backgorund.
Unsplash / MK Hamilton
Unsplash / MK Hamilton

“[…] you will change how you view your reality and life and how you communicate and interact with people every day. […] I think if more people did this, if every single person did this, the world would be totally different.”

A Whole New Perspective

Hearing about this supposed cosmic shift from someone who claims to have witnessed the origins of it is fascinating, especially considering it came from a past life vision. To know that you were once a being of light who got to experience grand human evolution, only to return to your present physical body must be quite the shock.

Silhouettes of two people facing one another in front of a black and white spiral background.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

There’s no way to know whether what Gary is saying is correct, but if what can set us on a positive path is love for others and resonance with our celestial selves, those two traits that are already both positive and enlightening.

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