6 Things Your Vagina Is Dying To Tell You

Take The Time To Experiment With Different Underwear

Underwear affects women's genitals as much as men's. To keep your vagina happy and healthy, make sure your underwear breathes well. Porous, natural fabrics like cotton are preferred. If you desire different fabrics and styles, try to get a pair that has a cotton gusset (the part that's pressed on your vagina).

You want to make sure that moisture can evaporate. Neglecting your thong is also a great idea. "Thong underwear—though fashionable—can create a direct fabric path between moisture and bacteria in 'the back' and the area in 'the front' where irritation can occur," says Nicoll. Bikini style bottoms and boy shorts are versatile options.

The Tissue Or Toilet Paper Test

A good rule of thumb in caring for your vulva is if you wouldn't use it under your eyes, it's probably too rough for your vulva. The vulva is very sensitive and needs to be gently handled.

Avoid Douches, Human Or Packaged

Douching is a counterproductive, harsh treatment. A healthy vagina has certain bacteria present. The most important bacteria, lactobacilli, keeps the vagina healthy and infection free. Douches chemically remove all bacteria. It leaves a window of opportunity for yeast and 'bad' bacteria.

Women are more likely to douche during their periods. There is a misconception that this is a 'dirty' time. The menstrual cycle is actually very hygienic chemically and biologically.

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