7 Simple Ways To Respond To Verbally Aggressive People

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Life can be overwhelming and sometimes, it catches us with our pants down. We get overly emotional due to the severity of the problem or because we bottle our problems up.

We snap out at people who don’t deserve it or worse, find ways to justify cruel words.

Anytime I snapped on someone, I was projecting my problems or formations onto them. Or I was asking for help.

In my world I was asking, ‘someone please help me, or understand my situation’. In reality I was snarling mean things for seemingly no reason.

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Below we have some ways to diffuse verbal abuse and get the person back into a loving space again. We are assuming that this person is someone trying to evolve past this kind of miscommunication.

This is not a guide on how to put up with constant abuse. If someone is constantly abusing you realize that you deserve better and get away. If they are verbally abusing you today, it could easily escalate into something worse tomorrow.

Don’t Respond The Same Way

Don’t fight fire with fire. They are seeking an emotional response or special attention. Give positive emotional content. As you interact with them, not raising the intensity will benefit both of you, making a solution found faster.

If there is no solution, the person is simply upset, the manner in which you provide perspective can help them examine their situation more thoroughly.