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This couple's Viking wedding was absolutely beautiful

Weddings have always been a very interesting ceremony. Every single culture from around the world has a different take on the concept of a wedding.

For many years weddings have been held all over the world and the style hasn't changed much. However, one Norwegian couple decided to take the idea of a traditional wedding to a whole different level.

They exchanged vows in an authentic Viking ceremony consisting of longboats, a pagan priest, and a remarkable blood sacrifice.

Elisabeth and Rune Dalseth decided to abandon the conventional Christian values they were raised with in favor of a ceremony inspired by weddings that took place thousands of years ago.

The two loves ditched the usual bridal car for two traditional longboats and were married on the banks of a Norwegian lake dressed in full Viking garb.

In order to maintain the traditional values, their ceremony had to have a "blot" ritual that involved a blood sacrifice.

This required a cauldron of pig's blood to be placed on a piled of stones, then dripped over small figures that represent the gods, and then blotted onto the forehead of the bride and groom.

As true Vikings would, the couple celebrated their matrimony throughout the late hours of the night. The invite 130 guests, who all dressed in full Viking attire.

Honey-beer was served and traditional Norse songs were played throughout the evening. 27-year-old Elisabeth said: "We danced to live music that our ancestors danced to over a millennium ago."

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