Vin Diesel Walked Paul Walker’s Daughter Down The Aisle At Her Wedding

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You never think death and tragedy are coming for you. It’s a scary thought that we tend to shy away from because the less we think about it, the less real the possibility of it seems. In reality, at any second of any day, one of our loved ones can be taken away. All the memories we thought we yet had to make of them never see the light of the day, just like that.

Thankfully, we learn to make the most of life with the people who do remain with us. That’s why when it was time for Paul Walker’s daughter to walk down the aisle, she knew that despite losing her father, she wouldn’t be walking alone.

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Best Friends Since 2001

Paul and Diesel starred in five Fast & Furious films together and worked so closely alongside one another on long shooting days. The duo was still young and in the beginning of their career, with Paul only being 28 years old and Diesel, 34. They supported each other as friends and as they rose to fame, they kept each other grounded.

In an interview once, Vin Diesel spoke of the brotherhood theme in the Fast Furious Saga, explaining: “So much of Fast and Furious is celebrated by a brotherhood that’s eternal. I never in a million years imagined 21 years ago that, beyond the script and the film, there would be this other guiding light, this other driving force that propels you to be as passionate as you can and manifest in the movie. … We’re all mortals, but love is immortal.”