Virgo Season 2021: What To Expect From The Focus Oriented Energy Shift

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Every Year from August 22 to September 22, the sun makes its trip through the sixth sign of the zodiac, and we enter Virgo season. The sign is known for being a practical, and communicative mutable earth sign. It moves the energy into a time of organization, productivity and self-improvement.

The time during the Maiden’s seasons brings an intense energy shift from Leo’s fun, luxurious and romantic energy. The back-to-school energy means that the summer is winding down, and it’s time to get to business.

The Zodiac’s Mutable Earth Sign

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Porapak Apichodilok / Unsplash

Porapak Apichodilok / Unsplash

Virgo’s pragmatic energy is optimal for getting organized and reviving routines to reach utmost productivity. This makes it easier to focus on the work that actually needs to get done. This is the perfect time to accomplish the tasks that have been on the back burner during Leo’s party summer vibes.

It’s a time to work towards goals and self-care routines that will manifest action. The sign is also associated with wellness, which means that any health or self-improvement elated goals will be easier to transition into as well.

Ruled By Planet Mercury

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NASA / Unsplash

NASA / Unsplash

Virgo season prepares for the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Libra. However as Virgo season 2021 is ruled by messenger planet Mercury, the planet of communication, this Virgo season may bring on longings to others, and even exes. Be careful in differentiating which relationships to feed, and which are just coming from a place of comfort.

The weighted mental energy will ignite a desire and ability to connect with others through more efficient and fruitful manners. This need to connect can also bring on opportunities and expand our networks, especially as we emerge from a time when we were bound to our homes.

Peak On The New Moon

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Drew Tilk / Unsplash

Drew Tilk / Unsplash

The Virgo energy will peak during the characterized lively energy of the September 6 new moon. That’ll be the prime moment of the season to plant seeds for future opportunities and manifest some practical magic in your life.

Keep in mind that the first full moon technically falls in Leo season, but since it happens on the morning of the day that the sun shifts into Virgo, it carries over some of its characteristics. At 29 degrees of the innovative Aquarius, combined with the powerful energy of lucky Jupiter, this full moon will carry a mixture of luck and innovation, making the best time to put new plans into action.

A Second Full Moon In Pisces

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Daniel Gaffey / Unsplash

Daniel Gaffey / Unsplash

September 20 will mark the second full moon of the season, this time marked by Pisces. This time will push us into a spiritual awakening by intensifying dreams, and diverting from Virgo’s pragmatic perspective for a moment.

This will be an opportunity to combine logic with creativity, and action with dreams. It’ll be a good time to take risks that may seem illogical at first or to embark on fantasies that may have once seemed out of reach. As the sun will be close to Mars, its confident energy will facilitate these bold moves.

Relationships And Money Will Feel More Intense

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Jao Ferraro / Unsplash

Jao Ferraro / Unsplash

During Virgo seasons, planet Venus will be moving from its home in Libra where it was at the height of its power, to Scorpio, where it will experience more of a struggle.

This means that relationships, especially ones with love and money won’t come as easily. There will be more of a push to step outside the box and to look at the deeper and darker side of these relationships. This time of evulation and transformation will put even strong bonds to the test and make relationships feel more serious.

Time For Action And Transformation

two silhouettes holding hands by the moon's light

Anthony Duallilia / Unsplash

Anthony Duallilia / Unsplash

From September 14 to October 30, action-oriented Mars will be in the cardinal air sign Capricon. This time will amplify the ability to remove barriers, including people that no longer serve you in place for new and more fulfilling power moves.

Just like with any new beginning of an earth sign’s season, feeling grounded and balanced when aligned with the earth’s energy will make it easier to initiate and follow through on action. This brings us closer to our truest selves through a transformation that aligns us with our purpose.

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