Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly. Here’s Why!

Everyone knows that spending some quality time outdoors is good for your health on both a mental and physical level. However, the direct benefits of spending time specifically at a beach have just been revealed!

You know that incredible feeling of relaxation and peace that you experience at the beach? Scientists are now referring to that as "blue space."

"Blue space" happens when your brain is overloaded with soothing sounds and smells of water. The blue space is enough to make you feel at ease; almost as if you were hypnotized!

If you've ever been sitting on the beach, feeling extremely relaxed, it's not just in your head! Scientists claim that there is a change in the way your brain reacts to the environment that leaves you feeling reenergized, relaxed, and rested.

Here are the four main ways this "blue space" effect your body and soul:

1. Going to the beach reduces stress

Water is one of mother nature's cure alls. Water is full of naturally occurring elements and minerals that can help you feel at ease.

So whether you're jumping into a pool or dipping your toes in the ocean, you're definitely going to experience a feeling of relaxation. Water can be a great way to quickly boost your mood!

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2. The beach increases your creativity

Have you been stuck in a creative rut lately? Scientists now believe that the solution to this might actually be the beach!

Being in "blue space" can help you clear your head and approach your problems in a more creative manner. Similar to meditation, the beach can ignite a feeling of stillness that allows you to shut out everything else and focus.

3. Going to the beach can help reduce feelings of depression

In a similar way that the beach can assist with your creativity, the beach can also provide a relief to the symptoms of depression.

They hypnotizing sounds of the waves in combination with the different smells and visuals of the beach can leave you in a meditative state.

4. Spending time at the beach will change your perspective on life

It's all about perspective! Nature has a gentle way of helping you become a happier person. The beach can help you realign your soul.

So grab the sun tan lotion and pack your picnic baskets, because it's time to head to the beach!

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These are the 5 signs of a fake friend

The world is comprised of a variety of people. Knowing how to spot these people is important. Unfortunately, many of us already know that some of these people aren't as genuine as others.

It can be hard when you find out that a friend, colleague, or even a family member is fake, especially when it comes to how they interact with you.

Luckily, there are signs that fake people inevitably display throughout their lives that can help you discern who around you is genuine, and who isn't.

Take a look at these five signs to figure out who in your life is being fake.

1. They Try Hard to Be Liked

Fake people try incredibly hard to be liked by the people around them because they're already aware of how fake they truly are.

This is one of the most obvious signs a fake person will display because they'll be working harder than most when it comes to interacting with others, or simply out in public.

You can always tell who your genuine friends are because they'll simply be themselves when around other people.

2. They Crave Attention

Fake people can be spotted because they have to be the center of attention. Not only do they work hard in order to be liked, but they also have to be in the spotlight more than necessary.

If you have someone in your life who can't let others take the spotlight, it may be a good indication that they aren't very genuine.

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3. They're Total Show Offs

We already know that fake people crave attention, but because of that, they also show off way more than they should.

Everyone can be a show off at times, but someone who shows off no matter what they're doing is probably fake.

Don't get confused if you have a friend who is naturally good at a number of things; people who are fake tend to advertise, but genuine people won't.

Being good at something doesn't make you a show off.

4. They Gossip All the Time

Gossiping is natural, and we've all let ourselves vent about someone else from time to time. However, fake people will gossip about a lot of people, all the time.

Fake people want to draw negative attention away from themselves because they can't have anyone knowing who they really are.

If you know someone who gossips more than most, say something to stop them and see how they react.

5. They Only Criticize

Another indication you're dealing with a fake person is that they're overly critical.

Fake people can't easily express praise or admiration for other people because they need to look great. If they praise someone else, then that's praise they don't have for themselves.

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