This Visual Test Will Determine Whether or Not You Are A Psychopath

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Psychopaths are often depicted in mainstream media as people who have a screw or two loose in the head. They’re the crazies whose brains function outside of the normal confines of logic, empathy, and compassion.

Most people will admit that they have a crazy side, but how much of that is rooted in truth? This test reveals just how twisted our brains can actually be sometimes!

Psychopaths tend to operate in and around the very being of their ego. Incredibly self-absorbed and narcissistic, the psychopath will always put his or herself above literally everything and everyone else.

This self-absorption skews the rest of their thinking and behavior, especially when it comes to love.

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Psychopaths often have short fuses, meaning they’re prone to angry outbursts that can result in violence. They’re rarely capable of thinking two steps ahead to the ramifications of their actions or words.

But, the psychopath ‘spectrum’ allows us to categorize the extent of a person’s craziness.

The criteria analyzed to determine one’s ‘psychopath-ness’ includes a person’s feelings, choices, actions, outlook on life, and mindset. Then, these are compared to the ‘baseline’ traits of someone considered to be a “psycho.”

The quiz below functions just like one of these psychological tests to reveal the true psychopathic extent of your being.