8 Obvious Signs You Have A Vitamin D Deficiency

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Scientific American recently reported that an estimated three-quarters of American teens and adults have deficient levels of vitamin D. This vital vitamin regulates gene expression, vitamin B regulation, and stimulates many processes in different systems.

Your body can create vitamin D by exposing your skin to sunlight without sunscreen. The suggested level of Vitamin D varies from person the person, depending on genetics, activity level, age, and sex.

Vitamin D is different than other vitamins in that it becomes a hormone after its creation. While the recommended way to get vitamin D is sun exposure, you can take supplements. If you experience these symptoms or suspect you are lacking in this vitamin, see a doctor.


Also known as high blood pressure can arise when there isn’t enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is a natural countermeasure that suppresses a peptide that increases blood pressure through arterial restriction and excessive water retention. Without sufficient levels of vitamin D restricting this enzymatic reaction. There is no other natural way to limit the body’s production of this peptide.