Do These 5 Things Before Bed And Wake Up Happier

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Pretty much everyone wants that feeling of sustained contentment that comes with happiness, and the effort to do so starts first thing in the morning.

What we do before we go to bed determines how we feel in the morning, as anyone who’s had 12 beers before bed can tell you. So what can we do to wake happier?

1. Review your day and express gratitude for what you have.

Spend a few minutes before bed considering your day, the things that went well, and the amazing people and things you have in your life. Even if there’s no one to really thank for it, express some gratitude for what you have.

2. Make a resolution for yourself and say it out loud.

What do you want to improve upon tomorrow? Even if not improvement, what do you want to do? Identify one resolution for the following day, say it out loud a few times, maybe write it down, and start on it tomorrow.

3. Intend to remember your dreams and keep them in a journal.

Tell yourself before bed that you want to remember your dreams and then write them down in the morning. Our dreams have a way of signifying things to us that we may understand but not really be thinking.

4. Breathe deeply and meditate upon your body.

What I mean by meditate upon your body is to focus on all the different parts of your body. Your forehead, your elbows, your feet, your fingernails. Really feel your soul inside of your body. Feel how your body occupies itself. Feel your aches and pains. Take not of muscles you need to stretch in the morning.

5. Give a little bit of love.

Take a minute before bed to spread a little love. Kiss your partner. Give your kids a hug. Even expressing a little self love, like massaging sore muscles, will do the trick.

With any luck, you’ll wake up happier tomorrow!

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