8 Characteristics Of Emotionally Strong People

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1. They don’t sit around feeling sorry.

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Unsplash / engin akyurt

You could probably call emotionally strong people mature people.

It’s basically the same thing. When faced with bad situations, the emotionally strong don’t sit around and wallow in their sorrow.

They learn from mistakes. They let bad situations make them stronger. Most of all, they don’t feel sorry for themselves. There’s no time for that.

2. Drama doesn’t get the best of them.

Ah, drama. It’s everywhere you look.

At work, at school, at home, and even among our friends sometimes. Emotionally strong people don’t give a rat’s about whatever drama happens to be going on around them.

It’s all an exercise in futility. They don’t have time for gossip. They know it won’t make them happy so they don’t mess with it.

3. Things don’t make them happy.

There’s a plague in our society and its name is consumerism. We’ve been taught that we can buy our way to happiness, but for anyone who’s tried it, they realize it’s not true.

Emotionally strong people get that.

A big-screen TV and a new video game won’t make you happy in the long run. Happiness comes from within. And in this humble blogger’s experience, too much crap weighs you down and stresses you out.

4. They applaud the successes of others.

Emotionally strong people understand that everyone does better when everyone does better.

When eyeing the successes of others, they feel no jealousy. Instead, they realize that most of the success the people around them experience is earned.

If they’re passed up for that big promotion or an awesome new job, they realize they just have to work harder.

5. They know things won’t be easy.

And that’s fine. Who really wants to do things the easy way anyway? The easy way doesn’t develop you as a person, and that’s what emotionally strong people desire more than anything else.

6. “Can’t” isn’t in their vocabulary.

‘Can’t’ never did anything, right? Emotionally strong people are doers. They get the job done, whatever it is.

7. They don’t “settle.”

Work, friendships, and relationships aren’t something emotionally strong people simply settle on. They want the best for themselves, so they seek it out.

If they don’t like their jobs, they find a new one. If they don’t like their partner, they move on. It’s how emotionally strong people operate.

8. They welcome change.

Change can be scary, but it’s important to be willing to make big changes. It’s the only way we grow. Emotionally strong people realize that the only way things can get better is to welcome change.

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