6 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life But Can’t Admit It

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Life is a treasure, a gift that has limitless potential. The sheer magnitude of this simple, yet massive, concept isn’t always taken advantage of.

Some people can’t imagine how to carry the whole cake, so they settle for a slice, or worse nothing. You only get one ride in this vessel, and your ride isn’t guaranteed any length of time.

Faced with these facts, many people create boundaries, limitations, basically excuses.One thing leads to nothing and before you know it tomorrow is today and you have wasted so much. Don’t create regrets today, do what you can even if it isn’t perfect.

A nurse revealed the most common regrets people had at the end of their lives, and the general theme to all of them is to keep trying, loving, exploring and being true to yourself. Below we’ve highlighted the surest ways to waste your life.

You Keep Yourself Overwhelmed

From clubbing, massive theater screens, surround sound, neighbors that live ten feet away to advertisements everywhere possible, modern society is defined by ever present stimulus. The constant noise drowns out our voice but also buries our fears and doubts. The new age version of a base line is the most mentally and spiritually numb state that people have lived.

While the bad is generally muted and we can’t feel the effects of life’s pains as clearly, we also trade our propensity for the joys and positivity. People either fear the lows so badly or even worse believe that they don’t deserve the highs. The choice to simply exist and not life should never warrant hesitation.