Watch Humans Trade Places With Animals In This Shocking New Campaign

The movement against animal testing is growing by the day with more and more people refusing to buy products that were tested on animals. Many cosmetics have simply refused to do so at this point which is great! But so many more still need to come around.

To demonstrate the brutal nature of testing cosmetics on animals, cruelty-free cosmetics company Lush unveiled an animal rights campaign that replaced the animals with people. Their goal was to inspire people to get away from testing cosmetics on animals. For their campaign, Jacqueline Trade subjected herself to practices that are carried out on animals. She wore a body suit the same color as her flesh and was bound, gagged, and experimented on.

She had food stuffed down her throat, a variety of chemical treatments squeezed into her eyes, and felt for real what it was like to be tested upon like an animal. She endured the tests without complaint, just like animals in labs have to year after year.

Today, about half of adults are against animal testing, but that number needs to go up. Share this cruel reality with everyone you know. Together, we can put an end to this practice.

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