5 Things You Need To Know About Dating An Aquarius

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1. They live in their heads.

Aquarius tends to live in their own world, stuck with their heads in the clouds. Often times, they overthink things, or think a little too much. But don’t tell them that. Aquarius can come off as cold and distant, but they’re not.

2. They don’t dig sappy romance.

Aquarius is practical. It’s function over form for them. They don’t enjoy sappy romance at all. Cliche getaways and sappy heart shaped gifts don’t do it for them. They want real romance.

They want a partner who will help them develop. Predictable displays of affection will not be appreciated.

3. They avoid conflict.

Aquarius has no time for conflict. They want things to be fair and even, but when it comes to a fight, they’re likely to shut down. If you have a problem, raise the subject in a rational, comfortable way, not explosively.

4. They’re always changing.

Aquarius is all about personal development, and they expect their partner to be on board with that challenge to constantly change. Don’t ever tell them how they need to change though. You’ll attract some serious ire doing that kind of thing. Just have their backs.

5. They’re fiercely independent.

When you date an Aquarius, don’t expect a partner who is going to lean on you for every little thing. They are fiercely independent. The consequence there is that you’ll have to take your time with them.

They’re not going to rush into anything, so it’s ill advised to try forcing commitment.

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