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4 Ways To Spot Fake Friends

Fake people and authentic people. It's like a constant fight to tell one from the other. No one wants fake friends in their lives. We want real, decent people to spend time with.

These are 4 tips for spotting the fakes.

1. Your real friends help you - no questions asked.

Chances are, you're a self-starter that doesn't need much help at all. But face it, sometimes we need a hand. Car breaks down, we might need help getting to the store. Preparing for a big move? You might need a little bit of help getting there.

Your real friends might have some scheduling conflicts, but you know when you're being given a flat no just because "no" is the answer. Your real friends will be there to help you with whatever you need.

2. The only time you hear from your fake friends is when they need something.

I think we all know the type.

You don't hear from them, they don't come to your social events, they don't ever want to hang out with you, but here's that text message asking for help finding a job, finding a place to live, or even wanting to crash on your couch.

This is a clear sign of a fake friend trying to get one over on you.

3. Your real friends understand #2.

Much like yourself, your real friends totally get the people that embody #2. That probably means they don't have very many people like that in their lives.

That's good! The next friends of yours will probably be friends of theirs. More real, authentic people to add to your life.

4. The fake ones will kiss ass.

All in the hopes of getting something out of you. We all know yes-men. They say yes to everything. They compliment you. They blow smoke up your ass.

And frankly, it's not because they like you. Know when someone is kissing ass just because they need something from you.

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