We Asked You What Advice You’d Give To Your Younger Self & Here Are Your Answers, Check If Yours Made It

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Sometimes we wonder what would have happened if we could go back in time and give our young selves a piece of advice for life. we decided to ask all of the beautiful souls in our Facebook community for their opinion.

Some of the answers we can truly relate to, others we didn’t think of, and some offered a new perspective that really got us digging deep. See for yourself.

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Being Selfish Is Okay

So many of you pinpointed the importance of choosing yourself in your life. You only have one life – live it so that You enjoy it. Toni Marie McDonald once said: “realise it doesn’t matter what others think, stay true to yourself.” –

Jackson David/Unsplash
Jackson David/Unsplash

And a lot of people resonated with this one: One of you explained “Choose you. Every time. Choose you. Make yourself happy. Do not change your plans for your life for anyone. Be independent, never dependent. Move on without the need for closure. Listen to your intuition, it’s never wrong. Never let someone hurt you twice.” -Sandy Smith

And we especially liked this one as we all were once burned by the people who didn’t reciprocate our love and care:

Another one added: “Never give your heart to those who do not deserve it” – Jennifer Sullivan