We Asked You What Advice You’d Give To Your Younger Self & Here Are Your Answers, Check If Yours Made It

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Sometimes we wonder what would have happened if we could go back in time and give our young selves a piece of advice for life. we decided to ask all of the beautiful souls in our Facebook community for their opinion.

Some of the answers we can truly relate to, others we didn’t think of, and some offered a new perspective that really got us digging deep. See for yourself.

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Being Selfish Is Okay

So many of you pinpointed the importance of choosing yourself in your life. You only have one life – live it so that You enjoy it. Toni Marie McDonald once said: “realise it doesn’t matter what others think, stay true to yourself.” –

Jackson David/Unsplash
Jackson David/Unsplash

And a lot of people resonated with this one: One of you explained “Choose you. Every time. Choose you. Make yourself happy. Do not change your plans for your life for anyone. Be independent, never dependent. Move on without the need for closure. Listen to your intuition, it’s never wrong. Never let someone hurt you twice.” -Sandy Smith

And we especially liked this one as we all were once burned by the people who didn’t reciprocate our love and care:

Another one added: “Never give your heart to those who do not deserve it” – Jennifer Sullivan

Trust Your Gut

When we are young, we sometimes overlook the importance of listening closely to the inner self and our own gut. We rely on adults and other people we trust to choose the best for us and ignore our gut. And as we get older, we learn to listen to our inner selves more and make judgments with our instinct.

Darius Bashar/Unsplash
Darius Bashar/Unsplash

Here are some of our favorites pieces of advice that our beautiful Facebook community would have given to their younger selves:

“You Got This! Follow your instincts …The sky is the limit!!!” – Rhonda Ardelean

“Always trust and don’t ignore your intuition. It’s always been right.” – Lenore Cavanaugh

“Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take some risks.” – RomyAnn Dianetti Scarlata

Focus On Yourself

As we read all your comments under our Facebook post, we realized that these pieces of advice not only could have helped our younger selves but also serve as a reminder for our present selves to keep the focus on us and our own happiness.

Jurien Huggins/Unsplash
Jurien Huggins/Unsplash

“Get away as quickly as possible from people who impede your progress and growth as a fully realized human being!” – Theresa Joseph

Some experiences taught us to be strong on our own so that nobody can break us from the outside.

“Learn to love being alone. Everybody leaves, nobody stays.” – Bill McClure

James Mutter even found a better quote by Jean-Paul Sartre to confirm that “if you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company”.

And others agreed:

“That’s the #1 thing I would do.” – Paulett Long Carr

“Don’t care about people who don’t care about you. Believe in yourself, not the naysayers. Worry less, live in the present, and never compare yourself to anyone else.” – Valerie Gregory

And remember to:

“Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy…” – Nicole Askew

Enjoy The Present

In a society that expects us to always bring our top game, move forward, and excel in all aspects of our lives, we at times forget to just live in the moment and enjoy the present. And here are some important reminders that our community suggested:

John Moeses Bauan/Unsplash
John Moeses Bauan/Unsplash

“Keep living for your future don’t live in the past. Hold tight to the ones you love, And go on more adventures!” – Violet Sullivan

Every single stage of your life is beautiful, with all its ups and downs. Reminding ourselves to embrace life at this exact moment we are living is so important. This is why these pieces of advice that people would have given to their younger selves are so important:

“Go to your Prom. Enjoy your 20s like a normal 20-something-year-old. Don’t be in such a hurry to be a full-blown extremely responsible adult. Enjoy being young.” – Joshua Wright

“Do NOT get married young! & finish college” – Sandra Trent

“Do what you love, make the most out of life because one day you realize it is coming to an end and you wish you had” – Debra Hathaway

Some More Great Pieces of Advice

“Finish a high level of education, travel, don’t marry young, don’t gossip, and don’t be afraid to do things on your own, It all works out for our greater good.” – Jeannette Podwojski

Ryan Ancill/Unsplash
Ryan Ancill/Unsplash

“Focus on your education, boyfriend’s can wait. Work on yourself as an individual and everything else can wait. That’s what I should have told the younger me.” – Leanne Hunte

“Don’t try so hard. If someone or people want to be in your life, they’ll try. Never chase. Including family. And never let money rule because some people are all about money and that is not what life is all about. Especially family.” – Shauna McLaughlin

“When someone shows you who they are believe them the FIRST time.” – Lisa Laidley

Ignite Your Spark

And as we grow, we tend to learn to doubt our own abilities, become less risky, and not let our inner child be that curious loving soul that it once was. So here’s a beautiful reminder not only to your younger self but your present self:

Steven Libralon/Unsplash
Steven Libralon/Unsplash

“Don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your mind! Don’t be afraid to ignite a spark!” – Portia Weed

A Different Perspective

There were also some answers that offered a different perspective on this question and we totally loved them.

Janko Ferlič/Unsplash
Janko Ferlič/Unsplash

“I wouldn’t. My younger has lessons she needs to learn to become the woman I am today and the woman I am today wouldn’t love herself the way she does without those lessons” mentioned Amber Broussard.

Some of the people who agreed mentioned:

“the mistakes you made in the past are actually the lessons that made you who you are. I feel the same about this” – Stefan Djankov

And Sandra Jones added: “no such thing as mistakes. Just learning opportunities”.

And we loved this comment made by Laura that truly summarized everything that we had taken from your beautiful pieces of advice:

“Really great advice by everyone who posted. Goes to show we really learned, maybe too late but realized where we should have relied upon ourselves. We were smart and determined. I’d say our heart was in the right place, but our heart should have been more for ourselves. Please all enjoy whatever time is now left, after our giving to everyone else.” – Laura Mezzoline

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