We Found The One Thing About Men That Women Can’t Resist

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Surprisingly attraction has not changed much over history. Maybe our perception of beauty and how we define it has changed over time but ultimately what we need out of a lifelong partner has pretty much stayed the same.

This means that there is one thing men do that has proven again and again, to be irresistible to women. While all men have the capacity to master it, not all are even aware of its requirement.

Women’s Value Used To Be Just Based On Her Physical Beauty

woman looks at the camera with hand on her cheek

Hans Mendoza / Unsplash

Hans Mendoza / Unsplash

​Dating all the way back to the stone age, it is often concluded that what men desired most in a woman was her perceived beauty.

On a primal level in today’s age, we can pretty much assume that not much has really changed except that men would also prefer that the woman be both beautiful and intelligent.