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We Found The One Thing About Men That Women Can’t Resist

Surprisingly attraction has not changed much over history. Maybe our perception of beauty and how we define it has changed over time but ultimately what we need out of a lifelong partner has pretty much stayed the same.

This means that there is one thing men do that has proven again and again, to be irresistible to women. While all men have the capacity to master it, not all are even aware of its requirement.

Women's Value Used To Be Just Based On Her Physical Beauty

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​Dating all the way back to the stone age, it is often concluded that what men desired most in a woman was her perceived beauty.

On a primal level in today's age, we can pretty much assume that not much has really changed except that men would also prefer that the woman be both beautiful and intelligent.

In The Past Time, One Man's Trait Was Most Valued

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Now for women, what they look for is a little different. What women have historically looked for in a man is his ability to protect and provide. This has stayed true over time.

Research claims that women will settle for this kind of man over one that they find physically attractive. This brings us closer to the one thing about men that women can't resist.

The Myth of The Knight in Shinning Armour

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In a perfect world, women would want a knight who is very strong, very smart, and very rich. Yet since that's not the kind of world that we live in, women will often compromise on one or two out of these three ideals.

Back in the days the kings were the most attractive in the land. If you think about it, it likely had something to do with their incredible wealth, highest-ranking social status. You'd be surprised what kings and men who get even the most beautiful women have in common...

One Main Ingredient To Attract Women

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So what's the one secret thing that no girl can resist? The answer might be simpler than you think and if you master it, could act as a shortcut to a relationship with any woman that you desire. In fact, the better you get at it, the less you'll need to rely on money and good looks.

Many of the most successful men in the world are necessarily the best looking, or born winning the genetic lottery

It All Has to Do With How Our Brains Work

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​We can't help it but our brains are wired to make us want to feel connected, especially for women. This means that the best way to attract a woman is not with wealth or good looks, although this can be an advantage.

Rather the one thing that women can't resist is what we call "game," or better referred to as "social intelligence." This would be about how well a man is able to navigate his social environment in the ways that he creates and maintains his relationships.

Game Is A Social Status

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​Similarly as with men, on a primal level, women might always be attracted to how handsome or wealthy a man is. But, ultimately the man that they will chose is the one who has the best "game."

This man "wins" not because he plays with her feelings or with multiple women at once, but because they understand how to "connect" with women who are primarily social beings.

A Skill Any Man Could Master

Luckily for all men, according to "FarfromAverage" on Youtube "social game" has the capacity to be mastered by any man, and is actually required for all men to create and maintain deep and meaningful connections with women. The lesson is it doesn't matter how much money you make or how good you look, ultimately what you need is social intelligence.

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The Four Facial Traits That Make The Most Attractive People

Researchers keep on trying to unlock the million-dollar question: what makes a person the most beautiful? The media keeps on changing the women they show as most beautiful and we keep on changing our appearance and fashion in an attempt to keep up. But the question is, do we actually ever actually "feel" beautiful?"

Does it truly come down to a science, where certain traits deem a person most attractive or is beauty relative like they say? Let's find out!

The More Symmetry The Better

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​Many experimental studies have shown that men and women both prefer faces that are more symmetrical. They even came up with ratios and masks that can measure the level of symmetry in a face, and by extension its beauty. Even monkeys have been noticed gazing longer at symmetrical faces.

But why? Well, science doesn't seem to have gotten that far. It could have something to do with evolution and our brains tricking themselves into thinking that a symmetrical face must be a sign of good health. Maybe we associate good genes with the more successful development of a facial structure.

Having "Babyface" Features

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​The idea of the fountain of youth didn't come out of anywhere. There is a belief that people are at their most beautiful in the prime of their youth, where they've grown enough to have adult features, but haven't experienced enough to lose their innocence and be affected by the environment.

From this idea, came the "baby face", where large eyes, long lashes, a cute little nose, a small chin, plump lips, and rosy cheeks are desirable. These traits can either describe a baby or a supermodel but the idea is that they reflect feelings of warmth, trust and won't argue back.

The More Average, The More Relatable

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People are actually attracted to faces that appear distinctly average. Yes, the more you look like the general population, the more attractive you can come off, which just seems ironic.

The reason some studies made this conclusion, is that teh more average a face is, the more they likely are to be a blend of genes A study, published in the journal Human Nature said that average faces might be a reflection of a more diverse set of genes, which we might subconsciously consider as stronger in fighting off illnesses.

Something About Getting Older

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Maybe women seem more attractive with baby faces but forget about youth when it comes to women's attraction to men. Women might actually end up being more attracted to men who look older according to a study.

This idea is still evolving and has something to do with women finally having a place in the workforce. The more financially independent they become, the more they like older guys, according to the study. They even named this the "George Clooney Effect" which showed women that the more patient they are, the better their chances at finding a man has more status and resources due to being older.

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Familiar Faces Per Genetics

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Ask yourself how you feel when you meet someone who looks like someone else you love? You probably automatically take a liking to them just because they seem familiar, even if you've truly never met them before. You might even just trust them right away. In the same way, the more familiar a person might feel, the more we could be attracted to them.

Another study found that the faces we are attracted to are heavily influenced by our personal experiences in life, and probably nothing more. This theory says it's not because of genetics as even twins couldn't agree on who they found attractive. It just depends on who you meet and look at throughout your life and the experiences you associate with them.

Basically You Can't Win

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Well, it turns out, even when you try to with science, you really can't define beauty. Some people are attracted to babyfaces, while some can't help but be drawn to older ones. Some people's brains attach symmetry with good health while others just want an average-looking face to continue their genes. So the message is, beauty is relative after all. I am beautiful and you are beautiful and everyone will be most attractive to someone.

Rather than focus on looks, focus on the person on the inside. You're here for a reason. This is your sign to get to know yourself better and unleash your potential.

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