We’ve Discovered One Extremely Quick Trick To Make Yourself Feel Better

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Maybe there’s no magic trick that can solve all your problems at once, but we do have a trick that can definitely make you feel better even when you’re really down. This will empower you, refresh you and energize you to give the capacity to deal with life’s downs.

The best part that you already have everything that you would need to be able to do it, and it can be done from anywhere and at any time. Find out how.

You’ve Probably Seen It Already

hand holding water falling

Mrj Photograph / Unsplahs

Mrj Photograph / Unsplahs

Think back on all the movies you saw where the main character gets some bad news or comes homes after a long day. What do they do first? They go and splash their faces with some water as if it’ll wash away all their problems.

It turns out there’s actually some science behind this classic TV movie scene. The secret is actually in the water itself.

The Mammalian Diving Response

woman with eyes closed in beach water

Erik Dungan / Unsplash

Erik Dungan / Unsplash

The motion of water-splashing is actually a reliable technique that you can you use to make yourself feel better. Don’t worry we will explain to you why.

It’s called the mammalian diving response. On a spiritual level, it tricks your brain into feeling like you’re washing your worries and your fears away. It’s a form of release from which you walk away feeling a little lighter. But there’s also more to it.

It’s All About Emotional Arousal

woman laying in the pool

Shazmyn Ali / Unsplash

Shazmyn Ali / Unsplash

The act of submerging your face in cold water is a therapeutic technique for managing intense emotional arousal. Why do you think people often take a trip to the beach when they need a relaxing vacation? it’s because going for a swim and putting your head underwater makes everything feel a little better.

The water is healing. This diving reflex triggers a soothing response from your mind to your body. Just like that, the water quiets down the nervous system.

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Water

man splashes water on his face outdoors by plants

Tadeusz Lakota / Unsplash

Tadeusz Lakota / Unsplash

You don’t even need a full body of water to feel the effects. If you don’t have access to a pool or beach every time you feel sad, that’s okay! All you need is your everyday kitchen sink or a water bottle. Be like the main movie character and put your head under the tap or splash some water on your face. Even better, take a bath or a long shower.

Picture the source of your anxiety or sadness leaving your body along with the water dripping down for maximum effect.

It’s Even Used In Therapy

woman submerged under water in a bath with flowers around her

Tomothy Dykes / Unsplash

Tomothy Dykes / Unsplash

This technique is actually often used in dialectical behavior therapy, which is an adapted type of therapy for people who feel emotions very intensely.

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