Discover What the Day of the Week You Were Born Reveals About Your Personality

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The day of the week that you were born has a lot to say about your personality. Naturally, there are seven days of the week so that means there are seven different personality types that suit us the most.

In fact, you’d be glad to know that the days of the week were actually named after planets, and the gods associated with those planets. They all deserved a day and they all had their individual personalities.

What does the day of the week you were born have to say about YOUR personality type?


People who were born on Sundays have some of the most vibrant personality traits possible. These people tend to like their space when they have their alone time.

They also can get easily frustrated and leave things unfinished sometimes. Typically, are pretty sensitive and can sometimes dwell on what people say to you.

However, you have the brightest outlook on life, extremely positive, enjoy giving back to your community, and prefer to smile as often as you can.