Weekly Horoscopes: October 18th – 24th, 2021

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There’s a lot of stop-start energy around this week, so we need to be careful to pace ourselves, especially with any major projects. Monday begins promisingly enough, with Mercury turning direct in Libra and Mars forming an energizing and optimistic trine with Jupiter.

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Aries, however, opposes Mars, and speaks to frustration as this go-getting vibe is halted in its tracks. And Mars isn’t yet done for the week – a very tense Mars-Pluto square on Friday is extremely challenging for anyone who is trying to force through their chosen course of action.

All is not lost: look to the arrival of the Sun in purposeful, determined Scorpio on Saturday for a renewal of the focus and can-do attitude that started the week.

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The early part of this week is fantastic for sharing ideas and resources with your partner, colleagues and friends; the Mars-Jupiter trine on Monday is especially optimistic about community work or charitable efforts.

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Aries is opposed by your ruling planet Mars, however, and you’ll find yourself torn in two directions at this time. Your head says stop, but your heart says go. Your best option is to wait out this stalemate. As difficult as that may seem, Friday’s Mars-Pluto square will demonstrate that patience is the best option, especially in career matters.

You’ll get the go-ahead again when the Sun shifts into your passion zone on Saturday, freeing your ability to pursue your goals.