6 Traits Of Being A Bold Person

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If you have a strong personality you know that it isn’t always as great as people crack it up to be.

Others hate you for it, some are jealous and others are afraid of the implications it holds.

You should never compromise who you are or what you believe in, but it would behoove you to pay attention to how your bold ways are affecting those around you.

You Are Discerning About Who You Let Into Your Life

Even if you don’t have all the answers or know everything you want yet, you have a clear understanding of what you don’t want.

You can see how honest or ill natured a person is. You don’t hesitate in blocking or chasing after a person based on what you see.

Don’t be too quick to cut a person out of your life, or at least don’t be unnecessarily aggressive in doing so.

Keep in mind that people can change over time, so give people a chance to show you they aren’t the same person.

You Hate/Avoid Small Talk

Small talk exists as a method to break ice between strangers and provide a non insulting way for people to talk to each other.

I detest small talk and have a tendency of getting slightly edgy when I have to engage in it. Small talk can be a bridge to more legitimate conversation, if it is nurtured correctly.

Treat it like the bridge it can be and don’t scorn it too aggressively. The other person is probably trying to be respectful not boring.

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You Have No Tolerance For Insensitivity, Intolerance, Or Ignorance

These behaviors are choices, and you rightly don’t like or respect people that continue to propagate them.

Realize that you jumping on someone’s case about these choices will not likely result in them spontaneously changing their ways. Be clear that you do not appreciate or accept this kind of behavior.

Do not pick fights with people over this, as they are less likely to evolve past their current understandings. Their lack of understanding and effort will serve them as a shield.

They will try to claim the role of a persecuted person. Don’t develop a fight that you don’t have to.

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You Are Fearless

The way that you can thrive under stressful situations and are willing and able to cope with your fears is a rare gift. Not everyone has the awareness or strength to see and tackle their demons.

Try not to judge those who haven’t gotten to that level yet. Be careful in pressuring them into facing their fears. If they aren’t ready then the experience could set them back.

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You Don’t Seek Attention Or Compliments

You do what you do because it makes you happy or helps you live. There is always a personal goal involved, you don’t do things simply because others think it’s cool or popular.

The confidence and competence you exude leads others to look up to you and compliment you. While most of them are just brown nosing, there are a few that simply want to relate that they enjoy and appreciate you.

There is no productive reason to blow these people off. Just make sure it doesn’t inadvertently go to your head.

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You View Insecurity As An Opportunity

Everyone has times or situations that are insecure about, but you refuse to let that slow you down or stop you. You understand that you can’t live your entire life in your comfort zone.

Not if you want to grow and experience new things. This desire for the new and different empowers you to grow and step away from what you know.

Not everyone has gotten to that same point in their life. Don’t disregard those not immediately willing to face their insecurities and fears. Try to be supportive and non judgmental.

Making a person feel bad about their attitudes on their life is no guarantee they will want to do better.

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