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4 Common Myths About Being An Empath

Empaths are people who fully feel the emotions of others. When someone experiences pain, they themselves also feel that pain.

There's a lot of mythology around empaths. Let's break down what's true and what isn't.

1. Empaths are not mentally sound.

Empathic people are magnets of energy which can make them come off as a little bit unbalanced. But they're good listeners, confidants, and counselors for everyone.

They're like an emotional dumping ground. If they seem a little erratic, give them time to decompress and recharge.

2. Empaths are into themselves.

It's true, empathic people can be moody and maybe a little bit quiet too. That doesn't make them self-absorbed. Quite the opposite.

They're absorbing a little bit of everyone around them. They tend to feel the feelings of others.

3. Empaths are weak.

Empathic people are more likely to break down in a public space and feel emotions fully, but that doesn't make them weak.

It's unfortunate we live in a society where emotional people are perceived as being "wusses" or "weak-minded."

Most empaths are emotionally strong people. You have to be to feel peoples' feelings like they do.

4. Empaths are lazy.

Empathic people can be pretty introverted, it's true, but often they lack energy due to their ability to understand and feel what others feel.

They're almost constantly overloaded with stress and other tension.

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