Aquarians Can Be Extreme Weirdos But We Love Them Anyway

With Gemini, both will be incredibly intellectually compatible. Aquarius tends to be idealistic and Gemini will back them up with their wealth of knowledge. Together, they can create an amazing vision.

With Cancer, all bets are off. It's the toughest match of them all because both have vastly different priorities in life. Cancer tends to be domestic, and Aquarius will find them too clingy.

With Leo, it's a case of opposites attracting. Their love tends to be fiery and magnetic. Yet often, romantic relationships between the two will fizzle out when the time comes to get more serious.

With Virgo, solid friendships can be built. Both are excellent communicators but they tend to be too strong willed to be lovers. Still, they're adaptable, so nothing is out of the question.

With Libra, the two will understand each other well. In social and professional settings, they should get along famously. They love making new friends.

With Scorpio, we have another tricky dynamic. Scorpio is incredibly passionate, which is something that Aquarius can appreciate, but Scorpio is also emotional and intense, which may be too much for Aquarius.

With Sagittarius, hanging out should be easy. Both signs are idealistic and want their freedom. They love adventure. They're good adventure buddies for sure.

With Capricorn, some similarities will exist. Both signs are ambitious and resourceful but Capricorn tends to be more serious and conservative, pretty different from Aquarius.

With Pisces, compatibility may be an issue as Pisces tends to be selfless whereas Aquarius tends to be a little more self-serving. It's important to determine expectations early on to avoid problems later.

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