What 2023, The Year Of The Rabbit, Has In Store For You Based On The Chinese Zodiac

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Do you know what animal you were born under according to the Chinese zodiac? With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, we’re leaving the Year of the Tiger behind and entering the Year of the Rabbit, creating new waves of opportunity for every animal sign and the elements that rule them.

So far, it appears that 2023 will be a year focused mainly on one’s self, on delving inward and facing the ugly parts so we can leave them behind and replace them with something better. What dark reflection you’ll have to combat depends heavily on what animal you were born under. Best to check now so you can prepare for the growth you’re sure to face in this upcoming year.

2023 Is The Year Of The Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, that is. Beginning on January 22nd (the day of Chinese New Year) the rabbit will become the governing zodiac animal until February 9th, 2024. The primary element will also be water in what’s known as its Yin form.

A brown rabbit standing in some dirt.
Unsplash / Melissa Keizer
Unsplash / Melissa Keizer

This follows the year of the Water Tiger throughout most of 2022, which was predicted to be a rather hectic year. Now, we’ll get an opportunity to relax as the Rabbit ushers in a calmer period.

Though what 2023 has in store for you specifically differs depending on what Chinese zodiac animal you were born under, with certain groups facing down different events in the coming year.

Tiger And Rabbit

Both the Rabbit and the Tiger are heavily supported by the wood element, and a common trait among those with heavy wood presence in their charts are prone to procrastination. This is no exception in 2023, despite it being the Year of the Rabbit itself and with energies from the previous year of the tiger lingering around.

A tiger laying in the grass among the shadows of trees.
Pexels / Chiru Clicks
Pexels / Chiru Clicks

In order to see the growth they so desire this year, those under the Rabbit and Tiger signs have to work hard to maintain their focus. They need to learn their work rhythm and stick to it. That will have them feeling motivated and, in turn, leave them more likely to continue the work sooner rather than putting it off.

Missing just one step could demotivate them from continuing the project altogether, so working securely and with discipline is an important skill for them to learn this upcoming year.

Snake And Horse

Both the Snake and the Horse are governed by the fire element. Much like fire itself, these two signs are bold, excitable, and willing to chase what they want to extreme ends.

A brown horse running among tall grass.
Unsplash / Sarah Olive
Unsplash / Sarah Olive

In 2023, their main goal is to learn restraint. There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic— their boundless energy has excellent benefits including making them wonderful friends. However, they do have this mentality of always needing to go, go, go, finding themselves growing insecure and antsy when faced with a roadblock.

Letting their spark fizzle flat at any inconvenience is no way to live. By learning how to pull themselves back and put a (temporary) cap on their big feelings, those under the Snake and the Horse will find themselves feeling much calmer in 2023.

Ox, Dragon, Goat, And Dog.

These four get grouped together due to their proximity to both the Rabbit and the Tiger, with each of them riding the coattails of the two animals of the hour.

A white goat with horns, another goat in the background.
Pexels / Jeswin Thomas
Pexels / Jeswin Thomas

Those with the Ox, Dragon, Goat, or Dog as their zodiac animal will spend 2023 indulging in fantasies. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of escapism (in fact it’s rather healthy to disengage from your troubles every so often) but there’s a danger here of becoming so disconnected that it affects their social life.

This might be a response to high expectations not being met, or strong pressure these signs put upon themselves to be ‘better’ in the new year only to struggle with maintaining new habits. All those under these signs will need to learn to cut themselves some slack—a lot of slack—as those who love them don’t expect them to be perfect.

Rooster And Monkey

Those born under years of either the Rooster or the Monkey will feel deeply hurt by what they consider a lack of fairness in 2023. This could be on a personal scale or a worldwide one, but these two sign groupings will feel troubled when they witness an injustice, more so than in previous years.

A rooster sitting on a platform
Unsplash / Adam Rutkowski
Unsplash / Adam Rutkowski

It could perhaps be due to their own development as people. They’ve grown to really understand their morals and stick to them to a fault. When they see others not following that same code of ethics, they consider it absurd.

Their 2023 goal is to remind themselves that not only does everyone not subscribe to the same set of beliefs as them but they also don’t control anyone else’s actions. It’s always terrible to see someone do something bad, but it’s not on you to prevent every single injustice in the world. You’re just one person, focus on living the best life you can.

Rat And Pig

Finally, those born under the signs of the Rat and the Pig. These two animals are also ruled by the water element and seem to have some good luck coming their way in 2023.

A black and brown piglet standing in some grass.
Pexels / Brett Sayles
Pexels / Brett Sayles

They’ll be provided with numerous opportunities for fun, namely celebrations with families and friends. Entertainment will be a large part of this upcoming year, be it participating in or simply attending, meaning 2023 is a great year to explore local artistry and become involved in creative communities.

This is also a year to focus on meeting materialistic needs. Learning how to really shop for a deal or not to settle on items that will break with ease. It seems simple, but the slow upgrading of one’s space can do wonders for the mind.

Yin Water

The element of water in its Yin form was mentioned at the beginning, but what does it signify, and what can it mean for the year ahead?

A running river between rows of trees.
Pexels / Ian Turnell
Pexels / Ian Turnell

Yin water represents dedication, intuition, and sensitivity. It represents reflecting on one’s self, learning from your past, and practicing self-improvement to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Its presence in 2023 means this will be a great year for self-care and for learning about your own motivations, even ones that were hidden away beneath layers of your subconscious. It will bring about new ideas, higher standards, and bright visions of the future.

However, it does have its downsides. Yin water can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, and even cause people to begin passing judgment on others. Since they see themselves as being in the thick of this self-improvement journey, they wonder why everyone isn’t doing the same, causing some hypocritical and critical thoughts. This is a good year to focus on yourself, but don’t do so to the detriment of others. Everyone’s journeys begin at different times, and you’re not better or worse for making strides now compared to later.

A Year For The Self

All of these elements point to 2023 being the year to truly focus on you. No matter what animal you were born under, there will be opportunities to reflect on negative behaviors and turn them around, allowing for positive growth and development. Others are sure to notice it, too, as these changes will have you blossoming into a new and improved version of yourself.

Two rabbits eating grass with their faces close together.
Pexels / Pixabay
Pexels / Pixabay

It’s been a hectic few years, so to have some time we can dedicate to reflection is truly a blessing. May we all take notice of our habits that hold us back so we can break them, and may 2023 be the year we all harness our better selves!

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