What Age Is Your Soul? According To Soul Age Theory, It Is One Of 5 Ages

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The older we get in earth years, the more experiences we accumulate that shape our thoughts, behavior, and worldview. However, what if this acquired wisdom wasn’t just from the experiences in this lifetime but an accumulation from all the ones before and all the ones that will come after? Bare with us here. All we’re saying is that there is a possibility that this life is not the only source of experiences and development.

It is possible that it is actually the whole of conscious existence that ages our soul. This would explain why some people seem wise beyond their years, while others are stuck in a childlike state. Whether you believe in the soul or not, this theory might help you understand the people around you better.

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What Is The Soul Age?

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pjclary2 / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

pjclary2 / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The Soul Age theory defies the idea that we all just have one life. It believes that people get multiple lifetimes to live and learn until they can grow into their highest selves. Each soul goes through an individual process of evolution. Soul ages are based on where in the reincarnation cycle the soul has been able to advance. While reincarnating in different bodies, the soul collects experiences and lessons that it carries with it throughout the entire cycle of reincarnation.

The goal is to pay off karma as it advances and reaches a point of freedom where it can to can return universal and infinite consciousness. The more the soul develops, the more it has awareness and experience. The soul’s age is about the experiences a person has made of living on the planet, not just how many lives they’ve lived. With each life cycle, the soul is meant to learn something specific, starting with how to exist in its physical form and live by the rules of society, to finding independence and returning to spirituality.

Infant Souls

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Luma Pimentel / Unsplash

Luma Pimentel / Unsplash

The primary focus at this age is just being alive. The soul is just entering the physical world and learning how to exist and survive within it. It is like a newborn baby who needs to learn how to eat and sleep. At this point, the soul is full of fear because it is still in a primitive state where all life experiences feel unknown. It lives in the moment and is focused on instant gratifications but yet has to experience any deeper motivation.

The soul at this stage makes a lot of mistakes but it doesn’t fully understand morals. It is wild and free, but heavily dependent on others. While people at this stage come off as innocent they can also often be ignorant and don’t want to live by the rules.

Baby Souls

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Kristin Brown / Unsplash

Kristin Brown / Unsplash

At this age, the soul is looking for belonging. It is like a child entering their adolescent years and getting a better glimpse of societal structure and a better understanding of relationships. Here the soul doesn’t just want to simply survive, but it wants to feel like it actually is an active part of this world.

The soul here has an appreciation for structure and traditions because it gives it gives it guidance. People at this stage tend to be compliant and disciplined but hold strong traditional values. They are trying to find meaning and give order to the chaos around them. They are hoping to find a balance between their own will and that of the collective, so they have a hard time understanding why not everyone thinks like they do and are kind of stuck in their ways.

Young Souls

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Edgar Hernández / Unsplash

Edgar Hernández / Unsplash

This is like the teenage and early adulthood years of souls, and during this coming of age, the soul’s biggest focus is independence. Young souls are determined and competitive. They are focused on their own personal advancement.

People with souls at this age have a “my way or the highway” tendency. They are looking for a change and feel dissatisfied with the way things are. They can often become “Workaholics” but are behind some of the greatest advancements of society as a whole. The soul here is trying to free itself from the limits of the physical world. It is motivated by individuality and that makes it highly ambitious. People here are quite successful and always looking to impress others.

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Mature Souls

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Jd Mason / Unsplash

Jd Mason / Unsplash

This soul’s main focus is interpersonal harmony. It is quite empathetic self-aware, and considerably stable emotionally. People at this age are diplomatic and cooperative, they just want to see everyone be cared for. They can come off as neurotic sometimes but that’s because they are so complex and visionaries.

Mature souls are very relationship-oriented. Their main group is to understand others and themselves. They are intrigued by spirituality because they can’t shake off that there’s got to be more to life than the achievements that once gave them a sense of happiness. Mature souls easily accept others’ perspectives from their own. They are open-minded and always willing to help those around them.

Old Souls

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Marie Lupan / Unsplash

Marie Lupan / Unsplash

Old souls feel connected to the universe at large. They are driven by a spiritual awareness and crave spiritual fulfillment. They no longer are attached to the physical world and are quite autonomous in their ideas. They are living life by what they think is right and not by how others expect them to be. Old souls are nearing the end of their reincarnation cycle so they’ve lived enough to gain a good understanding of how society and relationships work and have come to accept the best and worst parts of it.

Old souls radiate calmness and wisdom but notice that something is missing in their life. They often question who they are and what their purpose is in this life. They long for a sense of balance and completion. They don’t care too much for the material things in life. Sometimes they have detached from emotions and others but they still take responsibility for their relationships and their place. Old souls have a lot of love to give, and many lessons to teach all those they love.

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Bonus: Elder Souls

woman pushe's elderly person in wheelchair through the grass

Dominik Lange / Unsplash

Dominik Lange / Unsplash

Elder Souls have reached the completion of the Soul Age cycle. An Elder Soul has undergone a spiritual awakening and is now fully awakened. It no longer has a need for a physical body and is free to return to the universe.

In our world, elder souls are enlightened spiritual masters that others gravitate towards to learn from. They are here to share their wisdom before leaving the physical world behind.

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