What Appeared In The Background Of This Photo Made An Unsuspecting Woman Believe In Ghosts

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When we die, where do our souls and bodies go? Some people believe we go to heaven; some claim that we will reincarnate into another living form. But, it’s been proven that we stay exactly where we are – roaming on earth.

It’s rumored that when you get a random chill down your body or your dog barks into the abyss, a ghost is nearby. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the story behind this family photograph will give you nightmares …

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A Haunting Child

It is said that cameras can catch things beyond what the human eye can see. Like mirrors, a camera lens can capture the presence of spirits in the physical form. What’s even creepier than seeing ghosts appear in photos is knowing that they can join us at any place or time.

A black and white photograph of a lady with a shadow figure in the background.
Szigeti Gyöngyi / paranormal360.co.uk
Szigeti Gyöngyi / paranormal360.co.uk

In 1943 Hungary, a family was spending a beautiful day together out in nature. When a father pulled out his film camera to document the memory of his wife, it turned out they had uninvited company. While at a first glance, this photo appears to be of a posing woman, that’s not all it is. Look directly behind her …