What Are Life’s Hardest Lessons To Accept? 7 Truths I Designed To Set Myself Free

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I am tired of listening to others complain about their life without doing anything about it. Yes, life is hard, and yes we are often bound by circumstances outside of our control. But, we also always have some kind of choice. We can choose to let circumstance completely dictate the outcome of our lives, or we can choose to react to it positively and welcome the challenge as an opportunity.

The older I get, the more of these truths I have come to accept. The biggest lesson has been that I am in control and I always have a choice. So right now I am choosing to share the hardest lessons I have had to learn in hope that they can set you free as well.

You Do Not Simply Deserve Someone’s Love

woman and man sit back to back by white wall

Gemma Chua Tran / Unsplash

Gemma Chua Tran / Unsplash

We always tell ourselves that we deserve love and then wonder why it doesn’t seem to work out. I disagree with that mentality. We should set higher standards for each other. Love shouldn’t simply be deserved, rather it should be earned. I’m not saying you should always be competing and trying to prove to one another how much you love each other.

Rather, you should give love without entitlement and expect the same in return. You should be putting in effort in getting it and maintaining it.