What Are Life’s Hardest Lessons To Accept? 7 Truths I Designed To Set Myself Free

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I am tired of listening to others complain about their life without doing anything about it. Yes, life is hard, and yes we are often bound by circumstances outside of our control. But, we also always have some kind of choice. We can choose to let circumstance completely dictate the outcome of our lives, or we can choose to react to it positively and welcome the challenge as an opportunity.

The older I get, the more of these truths I have come to accept. The biggest lesson has been that I am in control and I always have a choice. So right now I am choosing to share the hardest lessons I have had to learn in hope that they can set you free as well.

You Do Not Simply Deserve Someone’s Love

woman and man sit back to back by white wall

Gemma Chua Tran / Unsplash

Gemma Chua Tran / Unsplash

We always tell ourselves that we deserve love and then wonder why it doesn’t seem to work out. I disagree with that mentality. We should set higher standards for each other. Love shouldn’t simply be deserved, rather it should be earned. I’m not saying you should always be competing and trying to prove to one another how much you love each other.

Rather, you should give love without entitlement and expect the same in return. You should be putting in effort in getting it and maintaining it.

You Will Never Love Another, Before You Love Your Whole Self

woman stands and hugs herself in colorful purple dress and with her eyes closed

De Andre Bush / Unsplash

De Andre Bush / Unsplash

You can try all you want but I can tell you right now that for every person that you try to love before you have fully loved yourself, you will break their heart. You won’t be able to give them everything they need because you still don’t know how. You won’t be able to split your energy between filling the void of your being and still having enough to give to someone else.

I said earlier that you don’t just deserve someone else’s love, but what you do deserve is your own love. Love yourself. You need to put yourself in control and accept that you won’t be able to receive someone else until you give it to yourself first.

Your Bank Account Is Not A Reflection of Your Character

black and white photo of man holding up cash to his face and with his eyes closed

Travis Essinger / Unsplash

Travis Essinger / Unsplash

This is the way I see it. You can either make money to live or live to make money. While large sums of money can facilitate happiness, it will never buy it.

Some of us are able to manifest large opportunities and that’s great but for those who are living paycheck to paycheck, you are not any less worthy. You’re not doing something wrong. And you definitely shouldn’t waste your every waking moment trying to figure out how to make more.

You Cannot Only Live For The Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life

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Avi Ricards / Unsplash

Avi Ricards / Unsplash

Do not live for the weekend. Life is too short to wake up every day already counting down for it to end. You’re wasting precious time if you’re going through the motions five days a week in the hope of finding some sort of freedom on the weekend.

There is a difference between living and simply being alive. If you don’t feel like you’re living for five days out of seven then something needs to change and fast. Remember that you are in control, and opportunities can be found if you go looking in the right places.

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You Need To Be Grateful For Pain

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Alora Griffits / Unspash

Alora Griffits / Unspash

​You can’t pick and chose what you’re grateful for. To truly come from a place of gratitude and be open to receive what you wish to manifest, you need to be grateful for everything you deem as negative. Pain is what helps you grow.

Without pain, you won’t be able to value pleasure. Without hardships, you won’t be able to appreciate beauty and notice opportunities. Pain is what prepares you with lessons you to be able to receive. Pain is the truth designed to set you free.

Love Is A Daily Choice

man kisses woman's forehead as they lay in bed under the blanket

Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Love is not supposed to be easy and come naturally as you see in the movies. It’s not as simple as finding your soulmate and then expecting the rest to work out. Love is only the foundation but what you build on it is a daily choice. You need to wake up every day and make the conscious choice that this is the person that you want to be with.

There will be days that you can’t stand them, and the choice will be harder, but those are the days that are going to define your relationship.

Words Are Weapons

Fabia Moller / Unsplash

Fabia Moller / Unsplash

​You’ve probably heard the expression “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words will never hurt me.” I say that that’s a lie we tell ourselves. Words can be weapons that destroy people or the weapons we use to better our lives.

Our language works in a system following the “Law of Attraction.” Our thoughts have the power to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. When we use positive words, we match their frequency with the positive energy of the universe. So chose your words wisely.

So Where Do You Start?

woman holds her hands up to her chest

Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

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