What Do You See First? The Answer Reveals Your Level Of Internal Stress

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The human brain is a powerful but mysterious thing. It helps us learn a lot about the world and a lot about other people. However, sometimes, it can be a little bit tougher to fully get to know our own selves.

Different forms of psychology can nudge us to better understand who we are and how our mind works. Like hypnotherapy and other methods of analyzing the subconscious, this Rorschach test will expose hidden truths about your personality! Exploring the subconscious in this way will help you realize how much of yourself is stressing you out, based on your level of internal conflict. You might find out that you’re your own worst enemy.

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The Data In Your Brain

The Rorschach test is a therapy tool that psychologists use to examine the mind of their patients. Images that are made out of ink blots trick your mind to see a certain picture based on the data stored in your brain. So, each person will spot a different shape based on their thoughts, life experiences, traumas, and ambitions.

A lit-up plastic brain on a blue background.
Natasha Connell / Unsplash
Natasha Connell / Unsplash

To get the most accurate results, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself about what you see. It can be tempting to pretend that you saw a result that you want to resonate with, but learning the truth will be much more rewarding!

What Do You See?

Look at this image. What do you see? Before you scroll, take a second to think about the image that your brain captures. The more calm, focused, and open-minded you are to what your brain is telling you, the more you will take away from the test.

A black and white image made out of inkblots.

This black and white image is created to expose what is going on in your deep and dark subconscious. What are you thinking that you might now? And now the moment you’ve been waiting for, what it reveals about YOU:

If You Saw Two Animals, You’re Two Minded

Someone persistent and goal-oriented would’ve seen the image of two animals facing each other. If you saw this, it means that you are a focused, hard-working person that takes pride in always getting the job done. Congrats! But, there’s more …

Two giraffes facing opposite ways.
Vincent Van Zalinge / Unsplash
Vincent Van Zalinge / Unsplash

The symbolism of the two animals represents that you are two-minded. You are often stuck at a crossroads, even in the most minor situations. You’re not great at making decisions and you’re very indecisive. This can come from a lack of trust in yourself, and it reveals that your inner world often pulls you in many directions with great uncertainty.

A Conflict Of The Mind

The eyes of the two animals seem to be looking away instead of at each other. Seeing this symbol means that you have some inner conflict going on in the subconscious mind that is pulling you in two directions. It appears that something has been bothering you, but you have been turning a blind eye to making a choice. Your stress is coming from within.

one wooden toy shaking the other by the neck
Charl Folscher / Unsplash
Charl Folscher / Unsplash

Perhaps you are working a job that doesn’t nourish your soul, or you’re in a relationship with a person that doesn’t fulfill you. The case will be different for everyone, but if your brain first showed you two animals, it’s a sign to pay attention to how you feel.

If You Couldn’t Make Out An Image:

So, what if you saw nothing? This Rorschach test is one of the more challenging illusions, and most people will actually have a difficult time understanding what they are being shown.

A white wall stained with graffiti of a face and text that says
Tim Mossholder / Unsplash
Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

If you were one of the people who were staring at the image in pure confusion and frustration, don’t fret! It reveals something greater than any image your eyes can see …

On The Right Track

Seeing this Rorschach test as just a combination of ink blots and shapes reveals that you are on the right track in life. You probably have a go-with-the-flow personality type, and you don’t take life too seriously.

A close-up of a woman's face, focused on a bright blue eye.
Amanda Dalbjorn / Unsplash
Amanda Dalbjorn / Unsplash

This mindset is working in your favor, and your brain is letting you know that you’re leading a healthy and happy life. You know how to manage stress and have found a great balance of work and play. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Analyzing Ourself

The results of every Rorschach test are certainly the most exciting part of this method of self-analysis. However, besides what it is that we were able to see in the image, the willingness and excitement about taking the test expose something else about us all as well:

A blurry man looking through foggy glasses.
Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Taking the test indicates that you are capable of letting your guard down. You are confident in yourself, and you accept and embrace your imperfections. Being open-minded to learning about yourself will reward you in the long run, giving you the key to self-improvement.

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Can You Resonate?

What did you see first? Can you relate to its meaning?

A woman looking through binoculars, a blurred background.
Chase Clark / Unsplash
Chase Clark / Unsplash

A lot of people are able to see multiple symbols within an image, but the one that reveals your truths is the one that caught your eye first. Use the results as a sign that you are on the right track or that you will get there eventually!

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