What Happens When We Die? Scientists Say The Soul Returns To The Universe

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The reason why so many of us are afraid of death is that we just don’t understand it. We can’t prepare for what we don’t know and the unknown is scary that way. So we keep asking ourselves: “what happens to us after we die?”.

While usually, we try to answer that question spiritually, it seems like science has now found the answer. UK scientist Dr. Sam Parnia believes human consciousness lives on even after we die. He shared his findings in Morgan Freeman’s Netflix show “The story of God.” Here’s what he, along with other leading scientists have found.

What If We Actually Lived On Forever?

woman laying in grass with soul coming out

Adina Voicu / Pixabay Via Getty

Adina Voicu / Pixabay Via Getty

Dr. Parnia is not alone in his theories. After extensive research, the University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose also believe that while our bodies physically die, our soul, or what they refer to as “consciousness” lives on forever.

Scientists are starting to find that the soul is made of information that can be stored at a quantum level. It’s those quantum mechanisms, or the behavior of matter, that makes the infinite process possible.