What Happens When You Marry A Narcissist, And Their True Colors Finally Come Out

Marrying a narcissist is like falling into the ultimate trap. But, how could you have know that the person who was once so charming and spoiled you with gifts and showered you with love could end up being the same person who now makes your life a pshyclogical war zone?

That’s the trick wit nnaracissists, they can be so skilled at getting what they want that they can keep themselves tamed and get you to fall for their tactics all the way until marriage. Once they finally know that they’ve got you locked in, their true colors show.

The Relationship Is On Their Terms

It’s their highway or the highway. They may have previously given yuo the illusion i the past that you’re the center of the world and that they just wanted to do whatever it was that made you happy, but it was just an illusion.

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The HK Photo Company / Unsplash
The HK Photo Company / Unsplash

if there was any sort of unequal power dynamic in the relationship then it’s only bound to get worse. They will gaslight you from morning to night and manipulate you in ways you you’re not even aware of to get what they want. And if they don’t get it, they’ll make sure you pay the price.