What If Astrology Can Help Homeless Dogs Find New Homes? This Los-Angeles Dog Shelter Made It Possible

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An animal shelter in Los Angeles has found an innovative way to market its dogs. It started using Astrology to better match dogs ad their needs with owners and their personalities. Just like people, dogs have their own unique traits and characteristics. These personalities traits are more compatible with certain astrological signs.

For example, the Aries puppy is described as “ambitious” and “not afraid to stick his nose into everyone’s business”. This venture has saved many dogs and actually made a difference. Here’s how.

Astrology Is Rescuing Puppies

dog looking away while sitting on grass surrounded by drawings of astrological signs

Dzhulbee / Getty Images Via Canva

Dzhulbee / Getty Images Via Canva

Astrology is now a rescue tool for dogs to find compatible homes and humans. The initiative started when website-building company Squarespace partnered with Los Angeles-based adoption center Wags & Walks and NYC’s foster initiative Muddy Paws to match pets and people based on their zodiac signs.

In an interview with Reuters, they explained; “Compatibility is a huge factor when it comes to pairing a pet with a foster parent, and what better way to showcase compatibility than with astrological signs?… It’s a fun, engaging way to raise awareness for this program.”