5 Simple Phrases People Use To Manipulate You

People who have mastered the art of manipulation are some of the most elaborate story weavers, "misdirecter's", evasive, and annoying people in the entire world.

They know just what to say, how to say it, who to say it too, and what to do with them afterwards all in order to get what they want. These people have little to no concern for people's feelings or their lives all together.

You are but a minor inconvenience for the thing that they want most out of you.

Just so you know what to look for when it comes to dealing with a manipulative person, you should be aware of these common misdirection's that they give people once they have set their eye's on something they want.

1. "Don't Overreact"

Often times a manipulative person will tell you that you are overreacting to what they want from you. They will try to play it off as if they weren't asking anything from you at all.

Most of the time they will overreact themselves if you continue to deny them whatever it is they are looking for. Do not give in, you are not overreacting, they simply want to see you cave in to their needs.

2. "Don't Be Dramatic"

Following up with saying not to overreact, they will tell you to not be dramatic at them. Unfortunately, this scenario is already dramatic with them prying whatever information they can from you.

It is important that you see them as being the dramatic ones and do not pander to their little manipulative games.

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