What Is Avoidance Behavior? And How To Avoid It

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They say that the first step to change is awareness. That means that if you have a tendency to avoid thinking about what needs to change, then admitting that you are exhibiting avoidant behavior might be a good place to start.

Are you wondering if your loved one or if you are yourself have an avoidant style? First, you’ll need to understand what it means. Then, you’ll want to learn some of the signs. Once you pick up on them, then you can set a plan in motion to change. Remember that we are all capable of growth, no matter how much we’d like to avoid it and be comfortable.

What Is Avoidance Coping?

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Andrew Neel / Unsplash

Andrew Neel / Unsplash

People cope in different ways and while there’s no “right” way to cope, some ways are healthier than others. Avoidant coping is when a person goes out of their way or even changes their behavior to avoid thinking or feeling a difficult thing. This can be in the form of rebellion, like excessive drinking, or complete avoidance like staying home in bed all day.

To avoid this, we need to remind ourselves that confronting a problem will get rid of it faster, and even make it go away eventually. In fact, we will feel less stress and prevent it from happening again.