What Is Main character Energy And Why It’s All The Hype Right Now

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It’s hard to keep up with the trend made popular by the younger generation. Usually, they are easy to dismiss but lately gen Z has brought to the forefront an important issue that many of us grew up normalizing. We tend to go through life in a very mundane way, simply going through the motions. Before we know it we get to the end of it and realize we spent a lot of working or overlooking the details that made it beautiful

The main character energy trend is a way to hit pause and appreciate the little things while creating and manifesting the kind of life we desire. Here’s how.

You Have To Start Romanticizing Your Life

Listen to the audio in the video above as the track goes: You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start thinking about yourself as the main character,” over an indie-looking film compilation.

This is just one example of a young woman living as “the main character” of her life. She is one of many other young adults and teenagers that have taken over Tiktok showcasing how to harness main character energy in their everyday lives to not only inspire others but themselves.

Main Character Energy

So what exactly is main character energy? You probably hear the kids throw it around and assume it’s a shallow term that means posing for endless selfies to post for likes on social media. But that’s not at all what this is supposed to be.

Main character energy is supposed to be symbolic of taking control of your life and putting yourself first. It’s supposed to be showcasing how you can focus on yourself to result in abundance. It’s meant to show that it is possible to manifest all your wants and desires. All you have to do is be the kind of “main character” you wish you could be because we’re all capable of being one.

It’s A Message Of Self Love

woman makes heart shape with her hand to the sun

Jackson David / Unsplash

Jackson David / Unsplash

You might be thinking this is a way to endorse a shallow “the world revolves me” around me mentality, but then you would be missing the point. We get so caught up doing everything for everyone else, and keeping up with routine and chores that we forget to take care of ourselves and experience the beauty of the universe.

Yet our lives here are short, and we should be taking the time to dance in the rain, to run through fields of flowers, to sit on the edge of a cliff in solitude, to kiss the person that we love passionately, just like all these popular Tijtok videos feature. This is how we love ourselves. It’s not just by doing yoga for 30 minutes while exhausted at the end of the day, it’s by taking the tie to romanticize every possible moment.

It’s A Way To Give Life Value

You are worthy. I am worthy. We are all worthy of being the main character. Demonstrating this worthiness isn’t a call for attention or a way to gain popularity through likes. It’s inspiring and motivating, and if you had main character energy you would know that.

This is a way to shift our perspective in terms of what we value and what we deem as a successful life. Remember that it’s not enough to simply be alive if you’re not truly living. Do you wonder how these women look so confident? It’s because they are happy, and because they’re going out of their way to show themselves all the reasons why they should be happy and grateful.

We Narrate Our Lives Everyday Anyway

woman blowing bubbles on the street and surrounded with them

Alex Alaverez / Unsplash

Alex Alaverez / Unsplash

It’s true that the persona many people and influencers put up on social media is far from reality and even these videos romanticizing life exclude all the obstacles. But, if you think about it, we’re each narrating our own lives every day anyway. From the first thing we do in the morning to what we wear, we’re writing another page in our life’s chapter.

By capturing some of those moments on tape, we’re able to look at them from an objective perspective. We’re able to see the bigger picture and realize nothing is that bad. We’re able to create positive situations out of negative ones and flip our state of mind. Then by sharing these moments, we’re able to connect with others and feel a part of each other’s stories”

We’re Each The Main Character Of Our Own Story

man taking picture of woman looking up at air balloons

Mesut Kaya / Unsplash

Mesut Kaya / Unsplash

The beauty of this trend is that each being the main character of our own story, each story will be unique. There are no guidelines on how to make the plot interesting. it all depends on asking yourself if you were to watch your own life back like a movie, which parts would make you happy and to create more of them.

It’s also about character building. How do you make your character grow? If your life was truly a movie, find a way to make it your favorite movie, with your own version of a happy ending.

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