What It Means If You Dream About Being Pregnant

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Dreams have long since been considered a reflection of the mind. For centuries now, the interpretation of dreams has helped people better understand their troubles, wishes, desires, and even their futures.

Well, there’s less science proving that last fact, but some people swear it to be true.

Our dreams become notable and tumultuous when we’re facing stress or going through change, and the way that can be represented in dreams isn’t always a direct parallel of our lives. That’s why something as integral as being pregnant in your dreams can have a multitude of meanings.

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When We Close Our Eyes

Dream interpretation has a long history that has evolved over many centuries, and it formed an integral part of many cultures’ spiritual practices. It involved dissecting the themes, imagery, and messages that appeared in someone’s dreams and interpreting what that meant when reflecting upon them in their waking life.

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That same belief is still held today, at least somewhat. Dream interpretation continues to be an important part of many people’s spiritual practices. Professional psychoanalysts and therapists often use dreams to gain insight into a person’s underlying psychological issues and problems. Most therapists incorporate some form of dream analysis in their practice to understand their clients better.

Dream Data

No matter your strict belief in the matter, there’s something to be said about the way our dreams reflect what’s on our minds. That’s why some dreams are more common than others and why you’ll hear plenty of stories about dreams with the same motifs.

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Google recently did a deep dive into what types of dreams people commonly search for and compiled all their data here, analyzing what people around the world were dreaming of, and which dreams piqued their interest enough to go searching for it.

Frequent Themes

In that data, it was revealed that one of the most common subjects for dreams in English searches was dreams of being pregnant.

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For many, that may come as a surprise, as it doesn’t really fall into the common tropes we think of when we think of common dreams. Teeth, falling, death, our brains shift toward the morbid when remembering the dreams that have stuck with us.

For anyone who has had a dream surrounding pregnancy, you may be less surprised, as it is a common and impactful chapter in many people’s lives. If you’re still out there looking for answers about what that dream symbolized, here are some

You Could Be Pregnant

The most obvious sign here is that you could very well be pregnant! This is especially common if you’ve been trying for a pregnancy recently, as not only is it a possibility, but it’s also been on your mind frequently.

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Dreams also become more vivid, frequent, and easier to remember when you’re pregnant, so your brain could be showing you a taste of what’s to come if you are carrying a child.

A 2018 study also revealed that those who are pregnant are four times more likely to dream about bring pregnant than those who aren’t, another sign pointing towards a possible pregnancy.

You Have Anxieties About Getting Pregnant

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could be harboring a lot of anxieties or stress around the idea of pregnancy, whether you’re hoping to be one day or not.

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Pregnancy is a scary thing! It makes sense to have some nervousness surrounding it, even if you do want a child. There are plenty of potential health issues, both for yourself and your baby, so being stressed even when experiencing desire is understandable.

No matter where your anxieties stem from, this is your brain’s way of trying to work through them during your sleeping hours since you lack an outlet while awake.

You Have Unrelated Anxieties

Dreams about being pregnant could also be representative of other unrelated anxieties in your life, especially if you’re not someone who wants to be pregnant or finds the idea of being pregnant very stressful on its own.

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When dealing with high levels of uncertainty, worry, or anything of the sort, the brain will manifest those general stressors in the form of latent fears. Maybe you’ve always been scared at the idea of being pregnant, so your brain is grabbing onto that and pushing it to the forefront of your dreams to signal that, hey, something is wrong!

You’re Open To New Opprtunities

On a lighter note, a pregnancy dream could indicate that you’re open to new opportunities, experiences, and perspectives in life, especially if the dream in question doesn’t leave you feeling stressed or is full of positive emotions.

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The link here is the idea of fertility, of making something grow, and of nurturing something until it becomes something new. Pregnancy is one of the automatic links our brain makes when thinking about those themes, and as such will pop up in our dreams.

If you recognize this pattern, don’t ignore it. Dreams with a positive nature are far less common than negative ones, meaning they should be taken seriously when they pop up.

Pregnancy Loss

Another theme with a literal relation to pregnancy is that of pregnancy loss. Grief is a powerful thing, one that can leave us hung up on tragedies no matter how much we wish to forget them.

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If you’ve experienced a miscarriage, dreams of pregnancy might haunt you. They may be a wish-fulfillment type of dream, happy in the moment but emotionally agonizing once you wake up, or the dreams may be filled with fear at the thought of losing another baby.

If these dreams plague you, take stock of how you’re handling these emotions during the day. They might be a sign that you’re trying to move on too fast without fully processing your grief.

A New Version Of Yourself Is Being Born

Perhaps the most nebulous and symbolic of all the possible interpretations on this list is the idea that dreams about pregnancy are more about you than a child.

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Bring pregnant is the way that humanity creates new life, but our lives are more than one static state of being. We grow, we evolve, we become new people based on the things we experience, and all of that can be considered being ‘reborn’.

Pregnancy dreams representing a new stage of life often occur when starting a new job, going through a divorce, moving somewhere new, or facing any other major change.

Awake While Sleeping

So, in case you were wondering, dreams about pregnancy don’t always equal being pregnant. In fact, it’s often that our dreams don’t provide us with one-to-one insight or advice about what’s happening in our lives.

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Our dreams tap into our deep subconscious, meaning they’ll always be more artistic and abstract in nature. They invite our minds to expand beyond standardized thinking, to really focus on the symbolic meaning behind the images we see behind our eyes, to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Many worries and beliefs pass us by without us even having the time to register them. Our dreams help bring them to light, so it’s best we learn to trust their guidance.

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