What Motivational Quote Helps You Get Through The Tough Days? Here Are Some For Your Lock Screen

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We all fall down sometimes and have a bad day. However when we’re having the kind of day where the bad things seem to just pile up we also have two choices: either we let them take over us and take on a victim mentality, or we take a moment to allow the pain in and then do something about.

Now you might say it’s not as easy as just shutting the feelings off and you’re right. However, there are always steps that you can take to rewire your thinking process and take on a more positive mentality. Sometimes it’s as simple as reading a motivational quote to remind you of the bigger picture and to get you to show kindness to yourself.

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The Pain of Scars Fades

Bianca Sparacino’

Bianca Sparacino’

This quote was taken from page 29 of Bianca Sparacino’s The Strength in Our Scars. It is not meant to diminish the pain of a scar because in the moment, it aches. Then, even though the appearance of the scar is still visible, it no longer is painful. It’s a reminder of the lesson it taught but a celebration of survival and having made it past it. Just like the skin healed around it, so you can you.

The fact that bad things happen is beyond our control, but knowing that it only makes us stronger should give us hope. Rather than think in terms of lack, think of how far you’ve already made. Everything somehow worked out.