What Motivational Quote Helps You Get Through The Tough Days? Here Are Some For Your Lock Screen

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We all fall down sometimes and have a bad day. However when we’re having the kind of day where the bad things seem to just pile up we also have two choices: either we let them take over us and take on a victim mentality, or we take a moment to allow the pain in and then do something about.

Now you might say it’s not as easy as just shutting the feelings off and you’re right. However, there are always steps that you can take to rewire your thinking process and take on a more positive mentality. Sometimes it’s as simple as reading a motivational quote to remind you of the bigger picture and to get you to show kindness to yourself.

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The Pain of Scars Fades

Bianca Sparacino’

Bianca Sparacino’

This quote was taken from page 29 of Bianca Sparacino’s The Strength in Our Scars. It is not meant to diminish the pain of a scar because in the moment, it aches. Then, even though the appearance of the scar is still visible, it no longer is painful. It’s a reminder of the lesson it taught but a celebration of survival and having made it past it. Just like the skin healed around it, so you can you.

The fact that bad things happen is beyond our control, but knowing that it only makes us stronger should give us hope. Rather than think in terms of lack, think of how far you’ve already made. Everything somehow worked out.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Jacqueline Whitney

Jacqueline Whitney

This quote is from a poem by Jacqueline Whitney. No one can be happy all the time. No matter how grateful you are or comfortable you are in your life,, there are going to be days where you just don’t have enough energy to be there for the people you love, let alone for yourself.

It’s okay to let those moments in and to take the time to recharge. The more you take care of yourself first, the more you can be available to the world around you in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

It’s Not a Race

Brianna Wiest’

Brianna Wiest’

This is a quote from best-selling author Brianna Wiest’s book Ceremony. No one wakes up being the best version of themselves. It takes years of hard work to find yourself and then improve upon it until you eventually reach your highest self.

The biggest lesson we can we can learn is that we never stop learning. There is always more that we don’t know and can’t comprehend, no matter where we are in life. The best we can do is remain in an open state to absorb as much as possible and take a stance of humility in accepting that we’ll never know everything. The key is in purposely putting in the effort every day to do something that brings you closer to who you want to be. Even if it means waking up two minutes earlier everyday to have more hours eventually in the day.

Stay Soft



Extracted from page 34 of this book via Amazon. We’re only human which means that the more heartbreak we experience, the more it hardens, getting colder and colder to the idea of opening itself back up. The more bad experiences we acclimate the harder and stronger the walls around us become.

However, the harder we become to protect ourselves from the pain the more we also shelter ourselves from the good and the further away we get from the person we actually want to be.

Releasing And Letting Go

Brianna Wiest’

Brianna Wiest’

This is a quote from best-selling author Brianna Wiest’s book Ceremony. They may not do it in person but some people, no matter how good they are or how much they love you, end up holding you back. You’ll intuitively know who they are. They end up draining your energy, asking for more than they are giving, making you second guess your own choices ad decisions, or simply not fulfilling your needs.

It’s okay to decide to implement boundaries and to protect your energy. It’s okay to leave behind the people that do not serve you so that you can pursue what you are actually meant for. Anyone that holds you back from your potential is hurting you even if it’s not their intention.

Do The Best You Can

Poem by Daniell Koepke from the book Daring to Take Up Space. There are going to be good days, and there are going to be bad days. You might feel bad on some good days or even good on some bad days. There is no magic formula to survival and happiness. Every day is going to look different.

It’s okay to cave into the bad days; if anything, it’s healthy because if you try to repress your feelings and pretend that everything is okay, you will bottle it all in and then explode one day. Feel out the anxiety, the stress, and the pain and accept it. That’s the first step to moving on from it.

You Deserve To Be Loved Fully

Taken from page 125 of A Gentle Reminder, a poetry book. The right person will never make you question your worth, your desirability, or the security of your relationship. You should never have to beg for the bare minimum. If you’re staying up at night trying to come up with justifications for the way they love you, then you’re not in the right relationship.

Just like you’re able to choose someone and love them fully, they have the same capacity to do the same. Real genuine and everlasting love is vulnerable, and it’s scary because it is an over compassing love, not an “almost” love. We understand taking the time to make sure a commitment is right for you as long as an equal effort is given on both ends.

Every Closed Door Is An Opportuniyy

This poem was written by Brianna Wiest in Salt Water. Sometimes the universe will take it upon itself to push you in the right direction, closer to the path that is meant for you. This may look like a dead-end in the beginning, but you’ll usually be surprised if you see it through.

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