What’s The One Question You’d Ask God If You Could? The Most Common Response May Surprise You

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A Reddit user by the name of GeometryThing recently asked “You can ask God any one question, what do you ask him?” Surprisingly the answers were varied but it all came down to one essential question that everyone could agree on, and it’s the last question on this list.

Before you dive into what others want to ask God, take a moment to think of what you would want to know yourself. The answer is susally a reflection of a search for some kind of deeper meaning , closure or understanding of a concept that brings you pain or threatens your identity. Often people want to ask God about that what the human mind can’t explain with evidence, such as the afterlife, love, death, the meaning of life, how the world started etc. These all lead back to just one question.

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“How is my mom?” — Noodlepotdreams

Woman in White Dress Holding the Hand of an Elderly Woman

Kampus Production / Pexels

Kampus Production / Pexels

There no greater pain than the grief of losing someone you love, let alone the very person who gave you life. Upon losing a mother, a person can’t help but wonder where the person with whom they had the very first interaction in this world, and on whom they depend just to stay alive, could now have gone. The hope is that she is in a better place, or maybe sitting alongside God himself.

One person commented: “If you believe in such a thing, I think she’s doing well, and feels loved by the fact you thought to ask about her above all else.” While another echoed: I recently lost my mom and was going to type this exact same question. I know our moms are doing great watching us from above .”

How Does Free Will Work?

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“How is it possible that you know all things that will ever happen AND I have free will? So if I kill a man that means that you already knew it would happen. At that point why would I ask for forgiveness? You already knew what would happen since I can’t change your will and doesn’t that kinda cancel out free will also?” — Fancy_Carr

The concept of fate has always seemed to oppose the one of free will. While fate is a hopeful end when it promises wealth, love, and happiness, it’s hard to understand why some no matter how hard they try end up making mistakes and end up in one rut after another. However, a balanced way to look at it is that while fate brings you opportunities, free will determines whether or not you take them. So fate encompasses your potential while free will is the path based on your choices.

What Is Our Individual Purpose?

hand holding compass in the middle of a forest

Jamie Street / Unsplash

Jamie Street / Unsplash

You say you have a purpose for everyone, but if a baby dies immediately after it was born, what was its purpose? How about all those homeless people that die on the streets unnoticed? I’m actually curious what his answer would be.” — KeepRunningFromMom

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What’s Wrong With Some Of Us?

close up of pierceing green eye looking mad or evil

Peter Forster / Unsplash

Peter Forster / Unsplash

“Can you just come over and straighten some people out? Some of your creations are wack.” — ThinkingAboutStuf

One of the greatest debates in psychology is the question of whether humans are innately good. Are we all born good but turned evil by the world or are some of us born with evil traits beyond our control? The great philosopher Aristotle argued that morality is learned and that we’re born as “amoral creatures” who will do bad if not taught better.

The psychologist Sigmund Freud however considered newborns a moral blank slate capable of good from the beginning. If that’s the case, how come some of us seem to have no moral compass?

What’s The Point Of Cancer?

a child with a fever lying with his toy bear

Vitolda Klein / Unsplash

Vitolda Klein / Unsplash

How come some innocent children, who have done no harm, get sick and die before their time should ever come? One person attempted to answer this question: “My stance is that God does not point at children and give them cancer. God created the sandbox and everything is a roll of the dice. The collective decisions of humans leading up to that point, combined with sheer chance, caused cancer.

The next logical question is ‘well if God didn’t create cancer, why did he create a universe where cancer exists?’ Tough question. Did cancer exist in single-cell organisms? Where along the evolutionary timeline did it start to occur? It occurs in plants and animals. Illness occurs. It’s possible that it is just an unfortunate glitch in chemistry.” Could God have made a mistake?

Did The Chicken Or The Egg Come First?- Nolovve

Hand holding handfull of eggs over chickens

Daniel Tuttle / Unsplash

Daniel Tuttle / Unsplash

Sometimes you just want an answer for the simple things in life like the age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken or the egg causality dilemma comes from the observation that all chickens hatch from eggs and all chicken eggs are laid by chicken, so how could one have magically appeared and preceded the other?

Well, we might not need God for this one as the answer could lead back to evolution. Amniotic eggs showed up roughly 340 million or so years ago, and the first chickens evolved around 58 thousand years ago at the earliest. So it’s safe to assume that the egg came first. Eggs are now believed to have been around way before chickens even existed1

Just “Why”?  Katie_Emm

hand reaching out for sun light over a body of water

Marc Oliver Jodo / Unsplash

Marc Oliver Jodo / Unsplash

This question didn’t specify what we’re asking “why” about but that’s the point. All previous questions come down to this one. The “why” is so much bigger than we could put into words. Why are we even here? Why does the universe exist? Why are you alive in this very moment, reading this? Why does life exist if it’s followed by death? Why does sickness take away innocent lives? Why are we here as a human race bu also why are we here individually?

What is your “why?” We all have a motivator, a “why” behind our actions, words, decisions, and choices that keep us moving forward. This is the “why” behind our indentity and the blueprint of our expriences that make our being. So if you ask God, “why?” what do you hope he’ll tell you?

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