What Sacred Message Is Your Burning Ear Trying To Tell You?

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The physical human body communicates things about a person’s internal and external world. While a burning ear could be a sign for medical attention – like an ear infection, a sunburn, or allergies – there are surprising spiritual meanings that could be the reason for these symptoms.

The Ancient Romans were firm believers that the body can predict the future. The idea that physical sensations are messages from a higher power has passed the test of time between centuries and cultures and is still relevant today. If you have experienced the feeling of a burning ear, here’s what the universe might be trying to say.

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Someone Is Talking About You

Like an eye twitch, a burning ear is a standard indicator that someone, somewhere, is talking behind your back. The physical symptom won’t let us hear what this person is saying but based on how hot and red your ear is, you can estimate the intensity of the topic and emotions involved.

An elder woman whispering in the ear of an elder man.
Antoni Shkraba / Pexels
Antoni Shkraba / Pexels

Whether the conversation is positive or negative can be guessed based on which side of your head is burning. If the feeling is in your right ear, you’re in luck. Someone has really been speaking highly of you! If your left ear is burning, there’s a good chance you’ve ticked someone off.