What To Expect This Cancer Season Before It Ends On July 22

We have been graced by the dramatic and emotional cancer season since the summer solstice and up until July 22nd. This is a time when you can expect to feel emotional and quite in tune with all the feelings you’ve been repressing.

If you’re a water sign aka a Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces then you’re likely thriving because this is your time to be yourself. However, if you’re a cardinal sign, you may feel resistant to all these feelings and find it a little harder to float. Here’s what to keep in mind to make sure you sail smoothly from this season and unto the next.

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Welcoming Change And New Energy

Cancer season kicks off the summer solstice and along with the warm and adventure craving it unleashes, it also brings a sense of change and new energy.

woman jumping of joy by mountains
Peter Conlan / Unsplash
Peter Conlan / Unsplash

This is the time to finally leave your comfort zone and step outside, quite literally. Go enjoy the fresh air and explore the new perspective it brings you. With a new perspective, comes a need for change. Instead of resisting it out of fear of disrupting your comfort, take a risk to see how far it can bring you.