What To Expect This Cancer Season Before It Ends On July 22

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We have been graced by the dramatic and emotional cancer season since the summer solstice and up until July 22nd. This is a time when you can expect to feel emotional and quite in tune with all the feelings you’ve been repressing.

If you’re a water sign aka a Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces then you’re likely thriving because this is your time to be yourself. However, if you’re a cardinal sign, you may feel resistant to all these feelings and find it a little harder to float. Here’s what to keep in mind to make sure you sail smoothly from this season and unto the next.

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Welcoming Change And New Energy

Cancer season kicks off the summer solstice and along with the warm and adventure craving it unleashes, it also brings a sense of change and new energy.

woman jumping of joy by mountains
Peter Conlan / Unsplash
Peter Conlan / Unsplash

This is the time to finally leave your comfort zone and step outside, quite literally. Go enjoy the fresh air and explore the new perspective it brings you. With a new perspective, comes a need for change. Instead of resisting it out of fear of disrupting your comfort, take a risk to see how far it can bring you.

Feeling Lighter

Astrology expert and author of Astrology SOS Imani Quinn explains that Cancer season is impacted by Mars and Jupiter. Activation of those two planets into Aries may have you feel more energetic than usual. Take advantage of that.

woman throwing around leaves and smiles
Allef Vincius / Unsplash
Allef Vincius / Unsplash

We have just gone through a rough period during the intensity of the Mercury Retrograde. Now that it has passed, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder. You will feel lighter during Cancer season which will empower you into action the closer to the end of the season you get. Use it before it passes!

Tap Into Your Own Body

We often think with our left brain, trying to figure everything out logically even though we don’t have the capacity the fully comprehend the complexities of matters of the heart and spirit. While you may feel like you “should” act a certain way, tap into your emotional body and “feel” what it tells you to do instead.

woman with eyes closed taking in the moment
Mohsen Ameri / Unsplash
Mohsen Ameri / Unsplash

“If you need a breakthrough in order to get through a project or get through shifting a relationship, you’re going to have to go through the emotional experience and the emotional story behind it, in order to charge forward and find a clear pathway to get there,” explains astrology expert and author of Astrology SOS Imani Quinn.

Working With Water Element

The cancer sign is strongly associated with the water element. While they have a gift for remaining in a state of flow, they also are quite sensitive and emotional beings.

woman laying in water with her eyes closed
Haley Phelps / Unsplash
Haley Phelps / Unsplash

Work with the water element. If there is a body of water near you go for a swim to experience its healing element and connect directly with the universe and its big picture. You could also try a hot bath or cleansing shower where you set the intention of releasing the people, things, and behaviors that aren’t serving you and flowing to a cleansed, rejuvenated, and fresh state of being.

Connecting With The Moon

Ruled by the moon, being in Cancer season connects all of us to the moon. It allows for all of us to also tap into our emotional and intuitive sides.

hand holding the moon
Daniel Gaffey / Unsplash
Daniel Gaffey / Unsplash

This is also a great time to harness the power of the moon by partaking in manifesting and meditation rituals during New and full moons when Cancer season is most powerful. Journaling, conversing with trusted loved ones, or listening to guided meditations are all great ways of achieving this purpose.

Feeling More In Love

Because you’re likely to feel everything on a more amplified level during Cancer season, you’re also likely to feel more in love or suddenly feel attached to a crush. Liste to these feelings because you likely already had them but felt the need to repress them or brush them off.

woman laying on tree branch with man carresing her hair
Anh Henry Nguyen / Unsplash
Anh Henry Nguyen / Unsplash

Enjoy the feelings of love and take a risk to see what could happen if you acted on them. If you’re already in a relationship then show your partner how much they mean to you and if you’re simply eyeing someone then remember that the worst thing that could happen is that nothing changes.

Feeling Moody

Cancers can be hot then cold. Because they feel so deeply and are incredibly sensitive and empathetic, their mood can easily change in an instant based on a small energy shift. This is thanks to their gift of being incredibly attuned o their environment.

woman looking up to the sky with her eyes closed
Engin Akyurt / Pexels
Engin Akyurt / Pexels

This is a great time for all of us to get in touch with our roots, history, and connections to find our triggers and feel connected to the environment around us. This can increase our empathy and emotional intelligence levels in order to know how to handle mood swings and not lash out.

Find Meaning Within

Even the most outgoing person might feel more introverted and in their feels during Cancer season. This time can be overwhelming emotionally as it brings a lot of feelings to the surface that may have been repressed out of a need to protect yourself.

George Shervashidze / Pexels
George Shervashidze / Pexels

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