What Will The Earth Be Like In 500 Years? The Projection Is Unbelievably Bad

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As technology science is getting better and better at making accurate forecasts about the future. While we will never have the capacity to look into the future with complete accuracy, what it foresees for the Earth 500 years from now is a cause for concern.

After all dystopian end-of-the-world movies are not empty warnings. We couldn’t have imagined 500 years ago where we would be now. Christopher Columbus could have never imagined in 1492 what would happen to the America he assumed to discover. Although it is a difficult task, here is how different the world will be in 500 years, and whether it will exist at all…

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The Cycle Of Life

To ask “what will the Earth be like in 500 years?” is basically to wonder if humanity survives that long and if the planet that we call home sustains us. At the core, the answer to this question largely depends on the relationship between human civilization and our natural environment. This includes how we have lived in the past, continue to live in the present and plan to live in the future. Every decision we make has the power to impact the fate of our descendants.

Planet Earth in night sky
NASA / Unsplash
NASA / Unsplash

This is why we must consider all that has happened so far. Here’s what we know: We have altered the earth since the beginning of time causing animal and plant extinctions, manipulating the climate, and using resources like fossil fuels and water without much consideration to power our advanced way of life.