What You Need To Do To Attract The Kind Of Man You Want

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Love doesn’t come easy but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways that you can increase your odds of receiving it. They say that love comes when you least expect it, but this takes away the mentality that you are in control and that you are capable of manifesting it with the right tools.

You have your standards and your vision of your perfect man. Now all you have to do is create the opportunities to attract him to you. Here’s how.

Put Yourself First

woman smiling beside balloon with smiley face

Julia Avamotive / Unsplash

Julia Avamotive / Unsplash

This may seem counter-intuitive but to attract the right kind of man you need to first love yourself. Keep them out of your mind until you’re in a place where you don’t feel a need for someone else’s validation.

This will ensure that you maintain your standards and attract like-minded people. It will keep away men that don’t value you as soon as they notice how much you value yourself.