What You See First In the Picture Reveals What You Really Want From Life

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When we get asked about what would really make us happy in life, if we could have anything we imagine, many of us have to think long and hard about the answer. Some of us answer with our material desires instead of taking the time to really find what it is that we need out of life to be happy. Luckily, our subconscious min holds the answer even if it gets tainted with the conscious mind.

The image below is meant to tap into your subconscious mind to answer the question: what is it that you really want from life to be happy? Find your answer below.

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There Are Three Possibilities

Take a look at this image. Your mind is bound to gravitate towards one of the shapes or colors within it first. Without looking for all the possibilities, make sure that you go with the first thing you see. The less you think about it, the more your answer will align with your intuition and true desires.

But for the curious, the image holds three possibilities. There is a cave, there is the sea and the outline of a face profile. Now let’s find out what your choice reveals.

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The Cave: Passion

man stands at the entrance of a cave facing outwards

S Migaj / Pexels

S Migaj / Pexels

No matter how hard you try to protect yourself from being vulnerable and getting hurt, you are driven by love. Your most intense desire from life is to experience passionate, true love. This seemed easy when you were younger as you thought that to be loved, you just had to love but you learned the hard way that not everyone was capable of giving love so freely and passionately as you were.

You have so much love to give and you’re not satisfied by mediocre, comfortable relationships. You crave adventure, excitement, and intensity and why shouldn’t you? The point of life isn’t just to live but to actually feel alive, and you want someone who brings that out of you.

Trust In Timing

silhouette of man and woman about to kiss by the sun

Alejandro Quiroz / Unsplash

Alejandro Quiroz / Unsplash

It is never too late to find love so trust in timing. But more importantly, remember that passionate love can be found in all your relationships. Don’t diminish the love you share with your close friends and families as those bonds have just as much potential to fulfill your desire for a life full of love. At the same time, don’t let past negative experiences taint your image of love because those experiences weren’t a reflection of love itself but of some people’s inability to give themselves fully to such a vulnerable yet fulfilling state.

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The Sea: Freedom

the sea with passing waves

Kellie Churchman / Pexels

Kellie Churchman / Pexels

You dream big and you can’t be limited by the often confining laws of society. What you really want out of life is freedom. That means freedom in pursuing your passion rather than just working to live, freedom to discover the beauty of the world and travel, freedom to set your own schedule to give priority to what truly matters.

You were born to set your own rules and be your own leader. In fact, you’re often an inspiration to others for your ability to look outside of the box and think for yourself.

Have The Courage To Let Go

woman jumping off sand in the water

Etienne Boulanger / Unsplash

Etienne Boulanger / Unsplash

Finding freedom means taking risks. With big risks come big rewards. Rather than submit yourself to the same robotic standardized schedule, where you feel like you’re just repeating the same day over and over again till your whole life passes you by, stop now. Make a change no matter how uncomfortable or irrational it may feel. Book the trip you’ve been dreaming of, quit the job that’s been weighing you down, and stop talking to the person who drains your energy. The more you learn to let go, the more you’ll grow towards freedom.

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The Face: Balance

silhouette of face profile

Greyson Joralemo / Unsplash

Greyson Joralemo / Unsplash

One of your best qualities is your ability to see the good and enjoy the little things in life. That doesn’t mean that you turn a blind eye to the bad, but you just see no point in completely dwelling on it without looking at the flip side. That’s because when you desire most in life is balance. You want to be able to get a taste of a little bit of everything.

You don’t want to be happy in just one aspect of your life like love while you struggle with another like your career. You crave stability in all aspects. To you, a work hard/ play hard balance shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Step Outside of The Box

woman's profile in park at night

Faisal Amir / Unsplash

Faisal Amir / Unsplash

In order to truly find balance in life, you need to step outside of the box because the way that life has been redesigned by society is completely unbalanced and is meant to profit some things over others. It would be beneficial for you to create schedules ahead of time to make sure that you’re giving just as much time to your passions and self-care as you are to your responsibilities. Rather than simply go with the flow, take control of your time and your energy to create balance with intention.

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woman looks off to the side in a forest

Riccardo Mion / Unsplash

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