What You See First Reveals Why Dating Is Hard For You

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Dating is hard for all of us but it can be a slightly easier process for some personality types than others. That’s because those types of personalities have a special lens through which they see the world that makes dating an easier reality to experience.

In fact, the reality is just a means of understanding the world that is constructed by our brains. However, using optical illusions like this with hidden images reveal a lot about your personality and how it influences your perception of reality.

All you have to do is determine what you can see first.

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The Power of Sight

Think of the reality you experience as a story you tell yourself based on your memories, your DNA, and your environment. Because your brain and body’s biggest priority is to protect you, they might slightly distort your perception unconsciously to match your desire and experiences, or to bridge gaps between what you don’t understand or have control over.

close up of blue eye with green circle
Kalea Jerielle / Unsplash
Kalea Jerielle / Unsplash

“It’s really important to understand we’re not seeing reality,” says neuroscientist Patrick Cavanagh. “We’re seeing a story that’s being created for us.” The more you understand your “story” the more power you have in writing it and narrating your own future without limits.

What Do You See?

An optical illusion reveals different personality traits depending on what image you see first. Now you might wonder why that would matter. Well in simple terms perception matters. According to the neuroscience of meditation, for example, our brains make up a “story” about reality.

An optical illusion reveals different personality traits — depending on what image you see first.
YouTube / nypost
YouTube / nypost

This means that our sense of reality is always evolving, and we should thrive to feed our perception with the right answers and accept that it could sometimes be distorted. That doesn’t mean doubting our senses but finding the blind spots and understanding why we see things the way we do or how we might misperceive them. This helps us understand ourselves ad each other better which creates overall empathy.

So, do you see a dark-haired woman sitting on the ground, or a face with a really wide jaw area?

If You See A Dark-Haired Woman

This particular illusion was shared by the YouTube channel “Bright Side”. If you saw a dark-haired woman, you have “sharp observational skills and an eye for detail.” This is usually tied hand in hand with your reserved and introverted personality.

dark haired woman looks down with hair tied in low bun
Velizar Ivanov / Unsplash
Velizar Ivanov / Unsplash

Dating is exhausting for you. You come off as quiet and shy and have a hard time showing your full self right away. It takes time for you to open up and your suitors don’t always have the patience for it. You simply don’t have the energy to keep putting yourself out there and your social battery is quickly drained during first dates.

You Genuiely Enjoy Solitude

You’re actually okay being single which is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’re self-sufficient but on the days you feel lonely, the whole process feels like extra work for you, from initiating a conversation on a dating app, to maintaining contact after a date to keep a relationship going.

woman's hair flies into her face as she stands by the water
Yoann Boyer / Unsplash
Yoann Boyer / Unsplash

The video explains: “You do make it kinda hard for others to get to know you, but you genuinely enjoy your solitude and don’t feel lonely or rejected whatsoever.”

If You Saw A Wide Jaw

If you were able to pick out the wide jaw area first then you have an ability to always see the big picture, to the point where you sometimes even miss or neglect the details. That could be due to your extroverted go-go-go personality.

hand of shirtless guy holding the bottom of his jaw
Luiz Rogerio Nune / Unsplash
Luiz Rogerio Nune / Unsplash

The narrator explains: “Socialising, chatting, and hanging out with your friends and acquaintances gives you energy instead of being draining like it would for an introvert.” Going on dates for you isn’t a problem, the problem is in trusting, committing, and finding the time for a relationship.

You Like To Talk Things Out

You are so independent that you hate feeling weighed down or stuck in a relationship. In fact, you’re a skilled communicator who prefers to solve problems by discussing them. However, you’re a flirt by nature who loves meeting new people and living life, and you don’t really feel the need for a relationship. You wonder if you even have the space for it.

 blonde woman's side profile
Alexander Krivitskiy / Unsplash
Alexander Krivitskiy / Unsplash

The narrator adds: “You have an easygoing and open personality. People often describe you as approachable and friendly.” However, when you are dating you find it hard to balance and get in your in your head.

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