What You See First Says A Lot About The Way Others See You

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Is the way you see yourself the same as the way others see you? The answer is probably not. Although the way you see yourself comes first, there’s no denying that the perception of others has some sort of impact on you. It can push you to want to stand out and impress or it can make you feel like you need to please others and want to disappear in the crowd. Others may see you as confident, further fueling your self-esteem or they might be avoiding you because they find your energy draining. So where do you fit?

Let’s find out.

Make Sure To Only Chose One

Close up of an eye with pupil dialiting

V2osk / Unsplash

V2osk / Unsplash

If you can see both possibilities then congrats, you have great eyesight and detection skills. However, chances are your mind will spot one before the other, even if milliseconds apart. Go with the one you see first, because it’s the one your subconscious mind visually processed.

This is based on the Rorschach psychological projective test idea. The idea of this is that when a person is shown an ambiguous or seemingly meaningless image, the mind will find a way to make sense of it and will impose a meaning on it that aligns with its subconscious thoughts. So, the image it imposes first reveals a lot about who you are, how you think, your personality, and your perception of the world around you.

Take A Look At This Image

With the purpose of this test in mind, take a deep breath and let your mind relax. Remember that there’s no right or wrong answer. Now look at the image above, and take note of what jumped out at you first.

Once you have the answer, keep reading to find out your results.

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If You See A Couple

Do you find it hard to make decisions on the spot? Chances are the more time you have with a choice or decision, the more time you spend picturing every possible way it can play out. Sometimes this leads you to picture the worse case scenarios in an attempt to prepare for the worst. As a result, you sometimes act to protect yourself before anything has even happened.

Others tell you that you worry too much. Partners have a hard time getting you to trust them and fulfilling your need for validation. Sometimes people might even find you needy because they don’t understand your tendency to overthink and how that can overwhelm you. You can be perceived as insecure, or even fragile, even though you’re just really introspective.

Changing Perception

Remember that you weren’t born worrying and you don’t need to continue living your life preparing for the worst. While others may eventually tire of indulging the fictional situations and played-out conversations that you worry about, you don’t need to either.

Thoughts are just thoughts, which means that they can be changed. Every time that you find yourself overthinking, tell yourself that it’s because you’re quite intune with yourself. You know what you want, and what you need and you only worry about it because you care. Now, replace the feeling fear that makes you worry with a feeling of excitement. Picture how you will feel if it all works out in your favor instead.

If You See An Explosion

You are probably often the main attraction. People are attracted to your energy, even though it can be chaotic at times. You like attention and even sometimes have a need for people to like you and admire you. Yet, you’re also quite self-critical.

You find yourself often putting up a front and hiding your vulnerabilities. You think that showing emotion will either get misinterpreted or be viewed as a weakness so you can continue to take care of everyone else and often put yourself last. This makes you quite disciplined and controlled but eventually pushes you to a breaking point where sometimes you feel like you’re going to explode. Even then, others see a happy, bubbly person, having no idea what’s happening underneath your tough exterior.

There’s No Reason To Hide

As hard as it may be, the more vulnerable you are, and the more of your true self you show, the happier you will ultimately be. The right people will stay no matter the high or the low that you are experiencing. When you free your energy, instead of repressing it, you will actually give it room to breathe, then to heal. You will eventually align yourself with others who share a similar frequency instead of trying to live up to a whole bunch of people who drain your energy.

You are already naturally disciplined so use this to your advantage. Pride yourself in your independent thoughts and feelings and welcome them. The more of them you let in, both good and bad, the more of yourself you will find.

What Else Is Hiding In Your Subconscious?

woman has her eyes closed by a tree

Motoki Tonn / Unsplash

Motoki Tonn / Unsplash

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